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20 Amazing Drone Images Show Shocking Scenes Around The World

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Everything is about drones nowadays. They are fun, easy to use, and can go a significant distance. No wonder that people use them more and more each day. But, what to do when drones find more than we expected?

Just a few years ago, drones were only reserved for military purposes. And today? The chances are that the kid next door has the latest drone that flies over the neighborhood. Well, the spread use of drones leads to many discoveries. Some of them we would prefer never to see. Check why these people were shocked after seeing what their drones captured.

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20. There Is Something In The Water

The ocean is a mysterious place. Actually, it’s so mysterious that we will probably never research it completely. Simply said, you never know what’s there. Jessica and Kelly can confirm this.

Jessica and Kelly decided to spend their day on paddleboards and enjoy the beach. They had no idea that the day they will have probably a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. If you look closer you can see a white shark near them. Luckily, no harm was done here.

19. Not Another Traffic Jam

At the moment, China has more than 1.3 billion people. Now, imagine if just half of the population were active drivers. Yes, mind-blowing! And this drone image shows it perfectly!

This footage shows unbelievable 50-lanes of traffic. This jam happened after a one-week long holiday, named ‘Golden Week’. These people were just trying to get home. The worst jam happened back in 2010 when people were stuck on the road for 12 days. They could only move a mile a day.

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18. Just Another Shark In Florida

Florida is known how great weather and amazing beaches. From time to time, it’s known for unexpected visitors, as well. Just like this shark. The actual footage shows fishermen trying to reel in the hammerhead shark.

According to the fisherman, they were never targeting sharks. In addition, they said that you can’t know what or who can hook into. Luckily, the shark was released unharmed.

17. The Famous Silverdome

The Silverdome is one of the most famous haunting stadiums nowadays. In the past, this was the home to the Detriot Lions football team. Nowadays, the Silverdome is far from a warm and welcoming place.

Once upon a time, the Silverdome hosted the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, and even an Elvis concert. What are the plans for the stadium? Some claim that it will be a football stadium. So far, nothing happened.

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16. Six Flags Theme Park

Six Flags theme park was a place to be if you are in New Orleans, or even just visiting. Unfortunately, after Hurrican Katrina struck in August of 2005 there is nothing but empty objects here.

However, there are numerous plans for the place and the site should be re-opened. Regardless, the site is patrolled 24/7 by the New Orleans Police Department.

15. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It’s located in France and it’s listed as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place receives at least three million visitors annually.

Mont Saint-Michel is unconquered by hundred of years. It can only be visited during low tide, so you should plan your visit carefully. You don’t want to visit when the tide is high.

14. The Boneyard

There is a place where US fighter jets go when they are ready to retire and it’s called the Boneyard. You can find it in Tucson, Arizona. At the time, the place holds more than 4,000 aircraft. Is it the biggest in the world? Yes, it is.

This center was founded after World War II and this area of the States makes it perfect for storing aircraft, due to the very low humidity. The base returns around $500 million worth of spare parts to the US military, other customers, and even government. The Congress oversees what equipment may be sold, when, and to whom.

13. A Hong Kong Nightmare

Hong Kong is the home of the highest skyscrapers in the world. The main reason for this is that Hong Kong is an island, so they have to build up. These skyscrapers are also one the biggest problem when it comes to the city’s housing market.

The small territory of Hong Kong is home to seven million people. Simply said, the housing market struggles to keep up with the demand for more living space. The solution was smaller apartments and higher prices.

12. An Italian Giant Pink Bunny

It Italy you can find amazing art, interesting history, great pizza, and apparently a giant pink bunny? The bunny was first seen in 2005, in the region of Northern Italy.

It turned out that the bunny was actually an art installation. People hoped that he will remain intact until the year 2025. However, the bunny was completely decomposed by the year 2016.

11. Cornfields Clown

If you are not fans of clowns, you will not fancy this footage. It seems that having a clown in the cornfields of Huntsville, Alabama is kind of a normal thing. Moreover, it seems that it spreads across the country.

Do you remember clown-trend in 2016 that resulted in numerous accidents? Everyone is still trying to forget that. So, seeing a clown in the field is not helping.

10. Brazilian Christ

The Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue is 124.7 feet tall and it took them nine years to complete it. Moreover, the statue stands on top of the 2,329-foot-high Corcovado Mountain.

When it comes to the highest Christ’s statues, Poland is first, then Bolivia, and the third is Brazil. But, Christ the Redeemer is the world’s largest art deco statue. Interestingly, the statue is hit by lightning several times a year. This happens so often that it came as no surprise that, in 2004, one of the statue’s fingers broke.

9. A Giant Sinkhole In Guatemala

After the tropical storm Agatha hit Guatemala City in 2010, some major changes occurred. The biggest one was the giant sinkhole in the middle of the street. The sinkhole was so huge that it swallowed a three-story factory.

Ever since this sinkhole occurred, the number of sinkholes increases every year, and so far they are common in Guatemala City. Moreover, they are highly unpredictable. This is why geologist demands frequent inspection of the sewer system.

8. A Crocodile In Thailand

For a long period, people believed that crocodiles can only be seen in sweet water. Than this drone footage appeared. Just one another crocodile chilling on Phuket Island, Thailand.

Did you know that saltwater crocodile exists and that next to Nile crocodile it’s one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world? According to people from the are this crocodile probably simp[ly escaped from a crocodile farm nearby.

7. Morrison’s Quarry

There is a hidden gem in Chelsea, Quebec, that looks like an isolated tropical island. If you look closer to the water you will the silhouette of an airplane and cars. Are these wracks from a long-forgotten accident?

The area is perfect for scuba diving, and its home to the most popular and the largest bungee jump in Canada. And the wrecks? It turns out that they were intentionally placed at the bottom to spark more interest.

6. Staten Island Boat Graveyard

New York City is home to the largest boat graveyard. The location is known as the Staten Island boat graveyard, and it was founded in the 1930s.

At first, it was used as a salvage yard. Today, the yard holds around 100 different vessels decomposing at the site. This is also a popular location for many artists and photographers.

5. Mir Mine, Siberia

The Mir Mine is the largest and first developed diamond mine the former Soviet Union. Until now, its one of the largest holes in the world. It was built after WWII when Russia needed money to rebuild the country.

The potential of the place for diamonds was discovered in 1955 by Soviet geologists. Yuri Khabardin, the lead geologist, was even awarded the Lenin Prize. At the period of Soviet post-war, the mine produced around 10,000,000 carats per year.

4. Pegasus Airline Flight 8622

It’s not so common to hear about accidents in the airline, but when it happens it heard far. At least that was the case with Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622. At the time of the crash, the Pegasus was making a domestic flight, from Ankara to Trabzon.

The aircraft ran off the left side of the runway, slide down a cliff and almost fell into the Black Sea. The official statement stated engine failure. Luckily, among 168 passengers no one was injured.

3. The Tubbs Fire

One of the most devastating fires in California’s history was the Tubbs Fire. The event happened in October of 2017 and was one of the most destructive fire’s in the country’s history, at the time. The total damage was $1.3 billion and 5,643 destroyed structures.

The fire was investigated for a year. The outcome stated that the destruction has been pitted on the failure of a private electrical system.

2. The Skyline Of Dubai

When it comes to human imagination and building skills, Dubai is breathtaking. The skyline of the city leaves everyone speechless. Overall, Dubai is known as the business center of the Middle East and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Dubai is also one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East. Also, Dubai is home to the tallest building int the world, the Burj Khalifa. The building cost $1.5 billion and took five years to complete.

1. The Famous Lake Hole

Have you ever heard about the disappearing ake hole, also known as the Kraken Hole? Some claim that this footage is fake, while others swear its real. However, there is a rather simple truth behind it.

The truth is that the hole is a man-made spillway. This Glory Hole is located in a Californian reservoir and appears when the level of water is high. During the dry days, the spillway is easily seen. But it looks more mysterious like this, right?

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