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Behind-The-Scenes Drama Of ‘Dynasty’ Finally Exposed

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‘Dynasty,’ was one of the most popular TV shows during the 1980s. This American prime time television soap opera was about an insanely rich family in Denver, many catfights, and all the drama they put themselves into.

The CW Television Network recently refreshed this famous soap opera with new, younger actors. However, whatever happens here behind the scene, can’t come close to the drama on set of the Old Git ‘Dynasty’.

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30. Linda Evans And Joan Collins Were Far From Being BFF’s

People loved Dynasty, but above everything else, they loved Alexis Carrington Colby and Krystle Carrington in their ‘catfights’. These two put so much passion into their fights that the press wanted them to hate each other. Surprisingly, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

The truth is that they were far from being best friends, but they didn’t hate each other. Mo Rocca, a CBS correspondent, brought this ‘frenemy’ question to Collin in 2019 interview, to which she said, “Yeah. We weren’t best friends.”

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29. Collins’ ‘Playboy’ Photo Made Quite A Buzz

Collins did a photoshoot for the famous ‘Playboy’ in 1983, in December. This was also the best sold Playboy edition of that year. Once Dynasty cast member was shocked by her ‘Playboy’ appearance.

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Collins’ co-star John Forsythe wasn’t happy about Collin’s action. According to Collins he was ‘aloof’ and treated her with less respect once the edition was out. With so much pressure on the set, maybe John was just jealous? After all, Alexis was quite popular.

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28. The Set Was Real Pressure Ground

Pamela Sue Martin, the actress that played Fallon Carrington Colby had to leave the show to save her mental health. She said that the pressure on the set was too big. Her co-star John James, who plays her husband in the show, has something to say about her leaving the show.

During an interview, he said: “She couldn’t take (the pressure) anymore.” The filming was intense, long, and demanding both mentally and physically. And, there was more.

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27. On-set Bosses Were Awful

Do you think that you have a hard time at work? If you do, trust us, Dynasty actors had it worse. It seems all glamour until you realize that your bosses hold zero respect for you and your work.

Actors had no power over their destiny in the show and they were primarily replaceable. For example, Catherine Oxenberg was fired over a simple contract dispute. In addition, Lee Bergere was fired for asking if his character could get more screen time.

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26. Thank God ‘Dynasty’ Came Along

Sometimes great things come when we need them, and Linda Evans knows this very well. Once she said that: ‘It was a powerful time in my life, thank God “Dynasty” came along.’ Others agreed with the magnitude of the show as well.

Dynasty had an enormous impact on the viewers as well. During the show’s run ‘Fallon’ was a pretty popular name. It seems that a significant number of pregnant ladies watched Dynasty.

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25. Gay Character Was Too Much

At the time ABC wasn’t comfortable with the Dynasty’s gay character. Carrington’s had a gay son, Steven. This was quite a bold and progressive move for the 1980s. But, ABC thought that is should be changed and they had a solution.

ABC wanted the higher ratings and they believed that if Steven’s orientation was changed it could help the show. Al Corley, the actor that played Steven was against it. So, Steven went through an oil-rig accident, had plastic surgery and returned as a straight man.

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24. Al Corley Was A Musican

Corley was replaced with another actor, but it didn’t stop him from reappearing in 1991 for the miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion. But, he was more than just an actor.

Al had a short, yet interesting music career. He has three albums and one big hit. His single ‘Square Room’s was a No.1 hit in France.

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23. John Forsythe Was Often Vocal About Shows Timeline

ABC launched in 2004 a movie Dynasty’s behind-the-scenes and it showed some shocking facts. Such as the one, that Forsythe complained a lot. About everything.

Forsythe said that as the member with the ‘most experience and long-standing work’ he had the freedom to address some script issues to Aaron Spelling. But, he had much more to say.

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22. Forsythe Was Against Adultery In The Story Line

Blake Carrington was often seen as involved in sketchy behaviors such as cheating, stealing, blackmailing, and lying. And the actor, John Forsythe, was fine with that. However, he was against one moral decision in the script.

Forsythe just wasn’t down with the adultery part. Season seven shocked everyone when Blake had amnesia and fall in love with his ex-wife Alexis.

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21. Actors Had No Idea If Their Character Would Survive

Amanda was just about to say ‘yes’ to a man and a life she didn’t want it when an attack happened. Nice way to get out of a wedding, no? But there was something that worried every cast member.

Not a single actor knew the destiny of the Moldavian attack. Collins even said once: “We had no idea who was going to live or die. None of us knew… Might as well call your agent and say, ‘I need a job.’”

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20. Forsythe Really Had An Issue With Collins

These two could never have nice words for each other. We can even say that the last scene (Blake trying to kill Alexis) sums up their work-relation. They hated each other for a good reason.

Collins said: ”John didn’t like me. Because John is old-school masculine, misogynistic, and a bit sexist.” Many also believe that she stole the show and it was something that Forsythe couldn’t handle.

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19. Collins Was Paid Less Than Forsythe

In 2017, Collins tweeted (yes, she tweets!) how she was paid significantly less than her male co-stars. And when she confronted the producers about it…

The studio decided to cut her appearance in half. The reason? Reportedly, they told her that they can’t afford to pay her every week.

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18. That Catfight Was In Shallow Water

Dynasty is even today known for its various catfights, especially between enemies Krystle and Alexis. But, the fight that gave them the most trouble was a famous lily pond scene.

The lily pond is a part of Pasadena estate and its extremely shallow. Although it seems that they are standing and scratching, they are actually fighting on their knees! The pond is only two and a half feet deep. Ladies spend the whole day in the water to get the scene right.

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17. Rock Hudson AIDS Diagnose Got People Worried

Rock Hudson joined the Dynasty crew for a short period of only five months, ending it in April 1985. This was also his last role since he died in October 1985. His AIDS diagnose made chaos among viewers.

At the time, people knew little about HIV. So, when Rock had to kiss Evan in an episode, the viewers panicked – they were sure that she will catch the HIV as well. Of course, that didn’t happen.

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16. Fallon Was Played By Two Different Actresses

Fallon was rebellious and more ‘nasty’ part of the Carrington family, and people loved her for her spirit. Pamela Sure Martin played this role from the first episode, only to resigned due to strong pressure on the set. So, the new actress stepped in.

Emma Samms continued that life of rebellious Fallon. It seems that she knew how to deal with the set stress.

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15. During The Filming Pamela Sue Martin Wore A Wig

In the beginning, viewers had no idea about Pamela’s health condition. But, the truth is that she had a serious medical condition that affected her appearance.

Pamela had to deal from a very young age with a severe medical condition – hair loss. Therefore, she always had a wig on. However, she often wore a wig after the filming as well. Stress consumed her and it reflected on her body.

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14. Diahann Carroll Almost Become A Full-Time Cast Member

Amazing Diahann Carroll was such a refreshment for the TV show. Her character, Dominique Deveraux, got Alexis spinning in season eight. People reacted so well on her appearance that the rumors started about her joining the cast for good.

But, due to budget limits and the show’s cancellation, we didn’t get to see her dominate this show. However, her acting career still flourished in 40-plus movies and TV shows.

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13. Angie Dickinson Was Offered The Role Of Krystle

Angie Dickinson is mostly known for her amazing roles in Police Woman, Ocean’s 1, and Dressed to Kill. She is also known as the actress who said ‘no’ to the Dynasty era. Then they offered her another role in Dynasty.

Dickinson never watched an episode of Dynasty, and once at a party, she even asked Spelling how is his show going. He almost died. Later on, he offered her another role on Dynasty, but she said ‘no’ once again.

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12. ABC Was Against Collins As Alexis Carrington Colby

Before she landed the role of Alexis Carrington, Collins was a forgotten B-movie actress. ABC didn’t want her in their 9 PM TV show. But life wanted it a different way.

This was all stated in ABC movies, released in 2014, called Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure. The movie also shows Collins as someone who loved to flirt, and even makes moves on married men, such as Forsythe. Eventually, she moved to younger lovers.

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11. Collins’ Manager Said Named ABC “lowlifes”

Collins’ representative Tom Korman, said that Collin wasn’t happy with the ABC’s movie – Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure. Therefore, she didn’t want to have anything with it. But, Korman had more to say.

Korman said the network is lowlifes, and that there is always some drama on the set. Well, so far, we can’t disagree on this one.

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10. Alexis In Season One Was Fake

Little is known, but Joan Collins was cast as Alexis after the season one was over. So, producers found an easy way to hide Alexis in season one.

As soon as the character was introduced, producers got their friends walking around and wearing dark sunglasses, a veil, and a super wide-brimmed hat. That did the work until Collins jumped in.

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9. JR From ‘Dallas’ And Alexis Had A Lot In Common

Initially, Alexis was seen as cold, evil, and passive-aggressive witch. Luckily, Collins suggested writers to upgrade her a bit and make her a male version of ‘Dallas’ villain JR.

Writers loved Collins’s idea and made her character independent, smart, evil, heartless and manipulative. Quite similar to her male counterpart on popular ‘Dallas’.

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8. The Jewelry On Dynasty Was Not Real

Dynasty was globally known for its notorious catfights between two female leads, and flashy jewelry in every episode. But, every jewelry in the show is actually fake, because major jewelry designers refused to lend their creations to the actresses.

Nolan Miller, the Dynasty costume designer, actually designed and created fake jewelry for the show. He did an amazing job. No one actually could tell the difference.

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7. The Corbys And The Parkhursts

The premiere script was quite different. Actually, the two main families were originally named Corbys and Parkhursts instead of the Colbys and the Carrington. Alexis had another name as well.

Beloved Alexis was originally named Madeleine. Luckily, the creative team realized that those names are just not going to work.

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6. Pamela Bellwood Was Pregnant On Set

Nowadays, great creativity and excellent technology can help hide actresses’ pregnancies easy. However, that wasn’t the case during the 1980s. So, Pamela had to do what she was told.

Bellwood got pregnant during season 6 and producers constantly tried to hide her pregnancy. They failed. She even had to miss five episodes in season 7 after she gave birth. Maybe it would be easier if they just make her character pregnant on the show, no?

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5. Famous Fashion Lines From Dynasty Actresses

Dynasty and Dallas fought over who delivers better fashion. However, the truth is that Dallas wins when it comes to bells and whistles, while Dynasty wins on fashion big time.

Both Collins and Evans launched their own fashion lines, including the memorable hefty shoulder pads and glitzy power suits.

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4. ABC Ended The Show

The show’s final episode was a typical cliff-hanger that will hunt fans forever. Did he kill her? What happened next? The truth is that the cancelation was swift and it was the decision of an ABS’s new president, Robert A. Iger.

Ratings were low and Iger decided to pull the plug before it becomes even worse and the network starts losing money. But the last episode still hurts, because the show didn’t get a proper finale.

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3. According To ‘The New York Times’, Reunion Was The Freak Show

Alessandra Stanley in a 2006 article in The New Your Times, called the reunion a real freak show. There were even words on Collins’ and Evans’ appearances.

Alessandra Stanley wrote: “Mostly the actresses look like latter-day Mrs. Skeffingtons — elderly women hoping that in the right light, with the right hairpiece and strategic tuck, they do not look as if they were falling to bits.” This hurts!

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2. Dynasty: The Making Of A Guilty Pleasure

When ‘Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure’ was released in 2004, everyone was shocked including the actors. Many still claim that the majority of things are simply made up. Even more, the original actors refused to promote it.

This movie showed cast members in a different light, rather unflattering ones. For example, Evans is portrayed as a ‘Stepford wife’ that shows up with brownies on audition. According to Evans that never happened.

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1. Dynasty Reboot

The iconic TV show is rebooted and available online. So far, the third season of the show is aired, and people seem to love it.

It’s not the 1980s anymore, but we still love the show. Rebooted Dynasty has the same concept as the original show, with few extra twists in more modern surroundings.

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