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5 Easiest Instruments For Adult Learners

Music touches many parts of our lives. Sometimes we suddenly have the motivation to learn an instrument so we can create our own sound. The problem oftentimes is that we struggle to figure out which instrument fits us best.

It’s impossible to say right at the beginning what instrument you’ll be good at before you start playing. It takes time and practice, like with all things, and here are some of the easier instruments for adults to learn:

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1. Piano

The piano is a popular instrument among many different people. The instrument can be seen in many high-class establishments, many celebrities have their own signature piano, and many children are also enrolled in private piano lessons.

The piano is considered one of the best ways to learn about music. The notes are already laid out in mathematical order, making it easier to get a pleasant sound than from other string instruments like a violin or guitar, which require fingering.

Studying sheet music for the instrument will teach you to read notes in both clefs and help teach and refine sight-reading skills. As you learn music theory, it will aid in your ability to play the piano better.

It’s also pretty easy to hunt down an affordable keyboard if a full-scale or even electric baby grand piano is out of the question.

2. Ukulele

The instrument is relatively cheap and you can usually find one of decent quality at a local swap meet. It is considered one of the easiest instruments to learn. Compared to guitars which use six strings, the Ukulele uses only four nylon strings.

Because of the lower number of strings, learning simple cords to play your favorite songs can be done in no time. Many of the fundamentals you learn while training with the Ukulele can be translated if you ever wished to challenge yourself with a guitar.

3. Bongos/Percussion/Drums

Bongos are a great instrument if you are a fan of salsa. They originated in Cuba and consist of a conjoined set of drums. It may not be as bulky as a full drum kit but can add just as much flavor to any performance. After gaining a fundamental understanding of percussion, you may be able to move onto traditional drums.

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Traditional drums sets may be harder to master as an adult, but many who start out with drums have a natural affinity for knowing what sounds fit well with others. Training with the drums will improve your ability to listen and allow you to change your play style to be more harmonious.

4. Bass

Bass is pretty simple when it comes to playing. There are two fewer strings than a guitar and the strings are twice as thick. With there usually only being one bass line in a song, it shouldn’t be too hard to master the basic of the instrument.

It’s one of the easier ones to learn by ear because of how simple the notes usually are.

Being able to play the bass is the easy part. Becoming great at playing the base will require a bit more work.

Because drummers tend to work closely with bassists, enlisting the help of a drummer to practice can help with sharpening your skills at hitting those bass notes.

5. Guitar

The guitar is not a ‘hard’ instrument to learn, but it does require a genuine desire to be able to generate the notes using its strings. Make sure that you want to pick it up and play.

Your fingers will hate you when you start, most of the notes will probably sound terrible, and you will come to the realization this thing will take some hard work to master. Once you can accept that and are willing to put the time in, learning to play guitar can be incredibly rewarding.

Many places sell cheap, affordable guitars that won’t hurt your wallet. If you look in the right places, you will probably find the right instructor that jives with you. You can also look at the multitude of free instructional resources available on the internet.

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Do not just think about learning to play, but get yourself up and start strumming. Remember the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”

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