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9 Easy And Quick Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

There are dozens of ways to lose weight and most people combine a strenuous work-out routine combined with a special diet. While dieting does have benefits, innovative diets on the market today may be doing more harm than good.

If you are looking to lose weight but are afraid of getting too extreme, here are a few ways to lose weight without naturally without the extreme measures:

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1. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Doctors say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It isn’t just some friendly advice, but sound medical advice as well. Our morning meal is what jump starts our metabolism and fuels our energy throughout the day. “Many people think skipping breakfast is a great way to cut calories, but they usually end up eating more throughout the day,” shares Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD. “Studies show people who eat breakfast have lower BMIs than breakfast-skippers and perform better, whether at school or in the boardroom.”

2. Close The Kitchen at Night

At one time or another, we’ve all succumbed to the urges of late-night munchies. No matter what we ate at dinner, we couldn’t help but raid the fridge or pantry well past midnight.

Give yourself a set time that you’re allowed to access food in the kitchen. If you’re looking to have sweets, do so right after dinner so there’s less of an urge for munchies later in the day.

3. Cut Your Weekly Takeout Meals in Half

When I worked in fast food, it was extremely easy to get into the habit of eating fast food almost every single day. This exponentially increased the calories, fat, and other bad things I added to my diet.

It’s cheaper to forego the cheap and fast burgers and prepare delicious home-cooked meals the night before work.

4. Hydrate the Munchies Away

If you haven’t been regularly taking in at least a few ounces of water a day, you should start now. Instead of going to your local coffee shop or fast food place for something high in calories and fats, choose high-quality H20 instead.

Many time the hunger we feel is actually a thirst that hasn’t yet been satisfied. If you tend to overeat at dinner, try drinking a glass of water before sitting down for the meal. You’ll be more hydrated and you’ll be less likely to go for seconds and thirds.

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5. Get Your Snack On

It is well-known that there are a total of three major meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But did you know those aren’t the only times of day we are supposed to eat? In fact, it is recommended that the average person eat at least six times throughout the day.

Instead of going with the delicious but unhealthy candy bar, try a Nature Valley granola bar. They’re high in fiber, they’re sweet, and there are dozens of flavors. You can still eat healthy snacks without sacrificing the flavor.

6. Use Smaller Plates

One trick you can use to change just the way you eat is to grab smaller plates. Your mind will perceive the portions of the meal differently, even if you pile the food onto the place. On a larger plate, of course, there would be more food. But if even the smaller one was stacked, there would be less food on it.

The plate itself will have less food, but you will believe you ate the same as with previous meals.

7. Add Eggs to Your Diet

In the 90s there was a famous catchphrase promoting eggs on television: “the incredible, edible, egg.” It is indeed incredible for its sheer versatility as an ingredient in a multitude of food dishes.

They are high in protein and naturally suppress hunger. There’s also a good chance they’ll help lessen your daily intake of calories.

8. Get Enough Sleep

You might think “what does sleep have to do with losing weight?” Proper amounts of sleep are actually vitally important to anyone’s weight loss goals. People are more than 45% like to develop obesity, according to some studies.

The lack of sleep affects our body’s natural appetite regulation system, affecting the number of calories we take in every day.

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9. Brush Your Teeth After Meals

This one is pretty simple and you’re likely already imagining the possible flavors. One of the best ways to prevent yourself from eating more is brushing your teeth after a meal. Doing so might change your decision to grab another serving or a snack that could have been avoided.

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