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Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations To Keep You Entertained During The Whole Year

Halloween celebrations are one of the most anticipated holidays of all time each year. Dressing up in Halloween themed costumes, house and lawn decorations and Halloween theme parties are a norm to “Halloweeners” or rather those who have embraced the celebrations.

Business owners have seen a boom in this multi-million dollar industry.

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Each year, there has been a steady growth in this business in terms of decorations and costumes. Fanatics will always want to stand tall on who has the best and scariest decorations.

Bystanders would call it a Halloween war of sorts. Most of the items purchased for decorations are not eco-friendly.

Some contain toxic paints, non-biodegradable materials such as plastic and even slime among many others.

Try standing out in your Halloween decorations for a change and be the environment’s champion.

Here are more sustainable ways to decorate your home and make it just as spooky, fun and most importantly, more eco-friendly.

Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween is not complete without pumpkins. Most of them have iconic jack-o-lantern decorations. Yes, it is organic but how it is disposed of may also qualify as litter. The insides should not go to waste either.

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They can be used to make some delicious soup, pumpkin pies and also curry. Later after the festivities are over, the gourd can be used as manure on small kitchen gardens or as animal feed.

Painting Decorations

Do It Yourself (DIYs) methods are the best way to have a positive impact on the environment, more so in a pocket-friendly way. Paintings on converse in the house are the real deal.

They are a re-usable and fun activity especially when doing it with kids and loved ones.

Front Yard Cemetery

Halloween is all about the spooks and chills. Cemetery tombs just do the trick. All you need to have is a used cardboard box that one can cut out and bend it in the shape of a tombstone.

Some eco-friendly spray paint and some wooden stakes to stake them on the ground and finally write “RIP” to give it the final touch.

Egg Carton Bats

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Who would have guessed that egg trays can be used as an eco-friendly decoration for Halloween. Well, here is one of the ways you can recycle the tray. The egg tray can be cut into three sections.

For each piece, paint it in bad non- toxic paint and glue two googly eyes on the middle section. Hang it from the ceiling and voila, you have yourself a DIY bat.

Cereal Box Cutouts

After emptying cereals into cereal jars, you should utilize them instead of disposing of them. For starters, one can easily cut out bat-like shapes and also spiders and many different Halloween decorations including face masks.

Stick them on the wall, lamps and even doors after painting or spraying with non-toxic colors.

Corn Stalks And Haystacks

Dried corn stalks or maize stalks are other interesting forms of Halloween decorations. They are eco-friendly and easy to acquire. They can be scattered generously in the living room, hallway, verandah or by your doorstep.

It can also be used to make a wreath or better yet, make a scarecrow and hang it on the door. Hay bales can be stacked outside by the doorstep, patio and the front yard. How eco-friendly is that?

Hanging Ghost

Finally, there is a better reason to bring out your old white bedsheets from the suitcase or wardrobe and put them to good use. Ghosts play a fundamental part in the Halloween décor because they spook people.

All you have to do is stuff the bedsheet with some newspapers, tie a thin rope or thread under the stuffed area to form a head and drape it towards your lawn after hanging it from a tree.

You can use washable non-toxic paint to bring out the spooky dark eyes and mouth.

Mummified Cereal Boxes

All you need is empty cereal boxes and old white bedsheets that no longer fit on your mattress. Cut the bedsheets into strips and generally wrap it round the empty boxes till fully covered.

There is no specific formula to this, so there is no need for any patterns, but be careful not to make it too tight. You can add googly eyes to the creation too.

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