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British Surrealist Artist Edward James Built His Heaven On Earth In Mexico

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There is nothing like an artist’s passion for creating. They seek to make that one piece that ultimately satisfies and fulfills them like nothing else before for all of their lives. If you had the resources to bring one of your most extravagant dreams to life, is there no expense that you would spare?

Edward James was 20th-century sculptor and art collector known for his surrealism, much like the famous Salvador Dali.

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Dali himself called James crazy for fulfilling what was likely a lifelong goal of his. The surrealist wanted to create his own depiction of what Heaven on Earth should be and chose to do so in the jungles North of Mexico City.

Laz Pozas at first glance looks like the ruins of an ancient city from a long-lost culture. In reality, it is the result of a passionate artist assisted by many people.

Edward James, along with his guide Plutarco Gastelum designed the garden from 1949 to 1984. Plutarco worked the jungle like a farmer tilling his fields while James went to work sculpting stone doors, spiral stairs to nowhere, and concrete flowers.

And if you think that creating Laz Pozas was expensive, you are absolutely correct. Not only did it cost over $5 million to build, but it also took over three decades to complete with the help of over 150 people.

Just looking at the pictures, you can see the passion that Edward James put into creating such a masterpiece. It is definitely a place worth visiting.

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Other artists might feel inspired by his work, that one man would be so adamant about wanting to create that he would spend nearly every dime he had to bring a dream to life.

It might seem crazy to put so much money towards a project, but when it’s what you love and you know it’s what you want, no expense is too great.

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