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5 Simple Egg Hacks For A Better Breakfast

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When you are not sure what you want for breakfast, you can always eat eggs – at least, that’s what people do.

Eggs are one of the most common ingredients stock in the fridge and easy to make. You may prepare eggs in various ways and in only a few minutes.

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However, there are some tips that can actually help you prepare eggs faster and way better. Here are the fast and effective tips on creating delicious eggs for breakfast.

Use Water

If you love scrambled eggs, but you would love them fluffier, think about adding water.

Fluffy scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and toast are great foods to kick of your day. Scrambled eggs are straightforward to cook, but with a bit of water, you can make them even better.

So, for fluffier eggs and a healthier option, add a bit of water, milk, or cream.

If you choose the water you can expect your scrambled eggs to be fluffier. Just make sure that you stir frequently, and cook eggs slowly so they maintain their fluffy texture.

Cook a healthy eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a great choice for an easy summer branch. To make these eggs is easy, and a great choice for days whey you aren’t into making time-consuming food.

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However, traditionally eggs Benedict aren’t the most nutritious breakfast, because thick cuts of ham are usually included.

Go for a healthier option and instead of adding bacon, choose avocado mixed with the juice of a lemon, salt, and pepper to a blender and mix until it forms a paste.

Slowly pour in hot water while the blender is running. Keep adding water until a hollandaise sauce consistency is reached.

Test the Freshness Of Eggs Using the Water Test

Eggs can stay for ages in the fridge, and they would still kee their freshness and original taste. However, if you keep them for too long and you want to toss them away, make sure that you test their freshness first.

With that in mind, dunk them in a cup of water. This simple test will tell you if eggs are good or not. Fill a glass with water and place the egg in the water.

If it sinks to the bottom, it’s perfectly fresh. If it sinks but stands on its head, it’s still good. If it floats to the top, it’s time to throw it away.

Always Choose A Runny Yolk

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Egg yolks are very nutrient-dense, and that’s why professional sportsmen love it so much. They are rich in B vitamins, and protein.

When it comes to consuming raw eggs, you are always at risk of salmonella, so be mindful when cooking eggs with a runny yolk.

To get a runny yolk, you could boil for five to seven minutes.

Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Oven

Did you know that you can make hard-boiled eggs in the oven? If you want to try this recipe, simply place eggs in the owen for 30 minutes, on 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use a muffin tray or a moist tea towel. This simple move will prevent them from browning.

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