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A Rescued Elephant Brings Her Newborn Calf To Meet People That Cared For Her

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

When it comes to elephants, the stories we hear online and in the news continue to surprise us. They hold their own funerals to remember family members they’ve lost and have an extensive memory. These great and powerful animals are some of the most loving to their offspring and can show a similar affection for humans.

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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an organization founded by in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick in memory of her husband. It is dedicated to the preservation of rare species of elephants and the Black Rhino.

At the Kenya location of the wildlife trust lives Yatta, an 18-year-old elephant released from captivity almost a decade ago. Most calfs cared for by the preserve are typically found wandering without adult elephants. The same was the case for Yatta, who was hand-reared by human caretakers from the time she was just a month old when she arrived.

Since her departure, she has become fully integrated into a group of elephants that were also former residents of the Trust.

Yatta felt such a connection to the humans that cared for her that she brought her offspring to meet the people that were such a huge part of her life.

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In a touching video, Yatta can be seen arriving at the preserve with her two offspring: her firstborn daughter, Yetu, and her younger calf, Yoyo. While the male calf is apprehensive about leaving the side of his mother, the flapping ears and raised trunks show he’s definitely excited to meet these people.

“She’s a proud momma,” said the people who helped Yatta become a full elephant. “An in a show of absolute trust and affection, she brought her newest baby back to meet the people who saved her.”

“Imagine our delight when she chose to share her second birth with us, returning to her former stockades and her human family, so that we could be a part of celebrating the arrival of her new baby — a healthy little boy.”

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