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This Adorable Elephant Calf “Rescues” Man She Thought Was Drowning

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This footage was taken in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Parks. Luckily, these elephants have been rescued from the ivory and tourism industry and are now safe and protected.

This video we found shows the moment when the little elephant saw a man swimming in the river. Cute elephant calf called Kham Lha thought the man was drowning and ran away from the herd in order to help the poor human.

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The man was actually just swimming casually and he didn’t really need any assistance.

However, he let the elephant take him to the other side of the river so that this caring animal would be satisfied. In the end, she rushed into the water just to save him and it was the least he could do.

Seeing this little one holding this man carefully by her trunk is so adorable, we almost couldn’t handle it. The man thanked the good elephant and gave her a hug. The bond between them is so obvious and it just melts our hearts.

This wasn’t the only time this human-elephant friendship caught internet attention. These two actually have a very special attachment and their friendship is cute beyond belief.

Kham Lha holds this man’s hand by her trunk, while playfully running around with him. We just can’t get enough of them! We hope more elephants will be rescued from the cruelty of ivory industry and tourism and brought to live in places they belong to.

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