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Elton John Shares A Friendship Story About Freddie Mercury And Talks About His Friend’s Final Days

Queen is a legendary band in the rock world and generally a well-known band in all of music. Freddie Mercury was the flamboyant frontman who inspired many of today’s artists to take up the same career. The world-renowned vocalist met an untimely death in 1991.

After a severe case of Bronchopneumonia caused by AIDS, Mercury passed on November 24, 1991. Freddie was a big supporter of the philosophy that the show must go on. So much so, that he did not publicly share he had contracted AIDS until the day before his passing.

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Although Freddie was a true rockstar on stage and rather talkative about every topic, he was surprisingly quiet and closed when it was about his personal life and private matters.
Even the public that he adored so much wasn’t aware of his health hell of having AIDS, until the actual day of his death – November 24th, 1991. It was known only to a few of his friends, like Elton John.

Sir Elton John, another well-known rock icon, was a fan of Mercury’s work and also one of the closest Freddie’s friends. John was one of few witnesses of leaving Freddie’s spirit and one of few who ever talked about that period. Sir Elton said about his late friend that “Despite his diagnosis, he kept performing as if nothing was wrong”. At this moment it is easy to conclude that Mercury really lived to statement – The show must go on.

Mercury’s life touched John in the way it touches the fans even today, 26 years after his death. It touched John so much that seeing his friend’s health going down the road was one of the most difficult things he had to witness. Elton John talks about Freddie Mercury occasionally.

Elton John was heartbroken and at the time he didn’t speak about this loss and how it affected him. Especially, that he lost one of the closest friends by AIDS.
However, in his book Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss, and the End of AIDS Elton talks about the last days of his friend.

Elton said: “By the end, his body was covered with Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions. He was almost blind. He was too weak to even stand.”

Elton shared with the world how amazing Freddie was even in his last days, and how he had selfless actions toward the people he loved. He actually cared about people as much as he could. Until his last breath.

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One of the best virtues that John loved about Freddie was his passion for his fans. He always carried about giving his fans the best performance. Even on his last day. He has firmly decided to remember him as he was for them – living rock star.

Elton shared that he was in pain for weeks after the funeral of his friends and how in those days he got final confirmation of Freddie’s selfishness, an ultimate confirmation of Freddy Mercury and Elton John friendship.

One day as he was thinking about Freddie and life in general, a friend brought him something wrapped in a pillowcase. It was a Christmas day.

When he opened it he left speechless, although his heart was full of joy. The package was actually a painting of British painter Henry Scott Tuke. Freddie knew how much Elton loved his work. A painted picture comes with a note:

“Dear Sharon, I thought you’d like this. Love Melina. Happy Christmas.”

Years before Freddie Mercury and Elton John were talking about their alter egos, drag-queen alter egos, actually. They gave each other pet names. John was Sharon, and Freddie was Melina.

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Seeing Mercury’s note with the drag queen pet names they developed for each made Elton John burst into tears. Even with AIDS taking the man from his friend, “he had somehow managed to find me a lovely Christmas present.”

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