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The 8 Most Embarrassing Moments In The History Of The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated brawls every year. The best teams go head to head proving themselves worthy of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Super Bowl Ring and who is walking with the most money.

Most importantly, it is about honor, tradition, and love for the game. Even with the glory that follows the Super Bowl, there happen to be those bad days that leave a mark.

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Not in a good way but causes total embarrassment to many booking a place in the books of legendary fails and embarrassment. Here are some of the epic failures and embarrassment that still taunt its culprits.

Janet Jackson’s slip

Sensational and legendary Janet Jackson graced the stage with a raunchy performance with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl XXXVIII.

All was going well until Justine accidentally or intentionally pulled down one side of the icon’s top revealing her boob to the millions of fans watching on that day.

She left the stage covering the “lone ranger” after her amazing performance and left dazed Timberlake. Till today, it is one of the most embarrassing moments at the Super Bowl.

Christina Aguilera

Not just anyone gets called upon to sing the National Anthem of the United States of America. Big names get called upon to perform after the first half and the anthem before the game begins.

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Celebrated top pop star Christina Aguilera, despite her prowess and reputation that precedes her, did injustice to the National Anthem. Not only did she sing it horribly but she also sang off the lyrics.

A total embarrassment she can never undo on that Super Bowl XLV night.

Robbins Barrett

With all due respect for individuals who experience the ill effects of mental illnesses, when Oakland Raiders Pro Bowl Center Barrett Robbins disappeared the day preceding Super Bowl XXXVII, very few individuals comprehended what to think—aside from the most noticeably awful.

At the point when Robbins at long last showed up that Saturday, he was disjointed. Raider’s mentors had to leave him off the program and the group tumbled to the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.

You can’t state that the Raiders lost the Super Bowl exclusively due to Robbins’ nonattendance, however, you can’t pardon it as a non-factor either.

The disclosure that Robbins had been on a savoring gorge in Tijuana enraged fans and humiliated the team. A little while later in a treatment focus, Robbins was determined to have bipolar disorder, not misery.

Leon Lett

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Leon Lett was truly an exceptional player in his days. On the D-day of the Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, with the Dallas Cowboys taking the lead with 52-17 against the Buffalo Bills he did the unthinkable.

Leon Lett recovered a loose ball or a fumble on the 45-yard line and fell towards the end zone. Nevertheless, Don Beebe, the Buffalo wide receiver slapped the ball from Leon Lett’s hands as he slowed down and stretched the ball out on reaching the goal-line.

It ended up being a touchback instead of a touchdown. Even though it did not make a huge difference in the overall game, it sure was embarrassing since it was being replayed.

Eugene Robinson’s Escapades

Atlanta Falcon’s Eugene Robinson’s “thirst” was on the high the night before the Super Bowl XXXIII. They were set to play the Broncos in Miami the following night.

However, the most embarrassing thing happened. The Atlanta Falcon’s leader was arrested the night before the brawl for soliciting sex for $40 from an undercover cop.

This news spread like wildfire. On the D-day, the Broncos won the game.

Thurmon Thomas

On the night of Super Bowl XXVII, Buffalo Bill’s running back Thurmon Thomas misplaced his helmet. This cost him the first series of the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Superdome Blackout

During the Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, officials were forced to suspend the match for around thirty-five minutes. This was due to a blackout that caught everyone off-guard.

No one could start pointing any fingers in this situation but it sure was embarrassing for the NFL management team.

Jim McMahon

As reporters were interviewing big-shot Jim McMahon of the Bears after the Super Bowl XX game which they won, the unthinkable happened. Jim had propelled his team to victory but in the course of the game, he hurt his behind after an opponent rammed his helmet on his hind.

Reporters asked him how his injury was and he ended up mooning everyone. How embarrassing is that? Most definitely he was not the one embarrassed by the situation.

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