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Eminem Surprises Again By Performing ‘Venom’ On The Top of The Empire State Building

It is not easy to be a big name in the rap/hip-hop scene. When you have a decent amount of skill in writing lyrics and rapping, much more is expected of you. And when you are as big a name as Eminem, everything you do absolutely needs to be a show.

Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name Eminem, has released a total of 10 studio albums up until this year.

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Recently, Eminem released a surprise album titled Kamikaze just months after releasing another album titled Revival. While the reception of his last album was less than great, many fans were won back with his most recent work.

Motivated by feud with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, the 45-year-old ‘Rap God’ has been running the circuit, performing his new music wherever he can reach the most fans. Anyone who has followed his career knows that he can be over-the-top, and the most recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was exactly that, light show synced to the beat included.

Eminem performed his track “Venom” as he rode an elevator towards the highest point of the Empire State building that he could reach.

During the performance his mic happened to cut out, but was lucky enough to run into Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s security guard who happened to have a working mic.

As fans know, the legendary rapper is not without his humor. Rodrigues and the “Lucky You” rapper converse awkwardly about the building before they embrace in what looks to be a painfully awkward hug.

Soon after the “Venom” performance was over, Twitter became ablaze with word of the event. It was not hard to spot the Eminem fans on the website, some users referring to the performance as “iconic.”

If you haven’t yet seen the stellar performance, be sure to check it out.

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