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A City In China Wants To Stop Extravagant Weddings Because Of “Not Reflecting Country’s Values”

Weddings are an extravagant affair if you shell out the right amount of money. Many people spend large sums of money live music and expensive food, but there are countries where a groom must still pay to marry his bride in addition. China’s government has decided to step in on this issue.

In some countries, a groom must provide something like a dowry. This is a show of financial success that proves the man will be able to support his new wife.

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After local officials in Hubei province stepped in because of exorbitant bride prices, the Ministry of Civil Affairs met in eastern China in the city of Jinan. The government felt that the bride prices and prices for over-the-top extravagance were not in line with their values as a country.

According to excerpts from talks at the meeting, the Ministry of Civil Affairs stated that it wanted to “create a simple and appropriate marriage etiquette.” It sounds a little imposing from a citizen’s perspective, but they’re right about it not being necessary to spend ridiculous amounts of cash for a wedding.

“We must integrate socialist core values into the construction of marriage and family,” said the ministry, “so that marriage customs can better reflect the country’s values.”

Officials in the city of Taiqian in Henan Province started a policy in 2017 that restricted the number of wedding guests to 200 people per event. Even gifting cars and weddings gifts were banned.

China has stepped into people’s social behavior in the past in regards to funerals. Called a “zero-burial” policy, all deceased people must be cremated after a funeral to save graveyard space.

It’s understandable to want people to spend less on a wedding, but they have every right to. Even if they don’t spend it on the wedding, they’ll no doubt spend it later on during their life together.

Do you think China’s new policies regarding marriage border on a big brother state or something else? Are they right in restricting citizens’ spending habits?

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