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This Family Thought They’d Adopted A Rare Pet Dog, But It Turned Out To Be Something Else Altogether

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Getting a dog should be one of the happiest moments for an expanding family. After all, nothing says joy in kids, like when they get to hold a real puppy, right? But, what if the puppy is not what you have expected? Can happiness go into fear?

Su Yun and her family would say – yes! Soon after they adopted a small puppy, they started noticing that something was wrong with their dog. Their story was so amazing that the National Geographic had to step in and tell the world the truth.

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1. Everything Started Off Innocently

Kunming City, China, is a birthplace of Su Yun, a hardworking mother. At one point she wanted to relax and take her family on a vacation trip. Su was hardworking mother, as many other mothers.

She lived a normal life, with two children and a husband. But that was all about to change. She was about to add another member to their family – a pet. That decision will change their lives once forever.

2. A Long Anticipated Trip

Yun family booked an Asia trip, and was counting down the days until the trip came. Su packed up her bags, got her kids ready, and made sure everything is ready for a long anticipated trip.

However, no matter how much preparation goes into a trip, things always pop up. But no one could have predicted the outcome of a seemingly innocent encounter with a little of adorable animals.

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3. Everybody Loves Puppies

During their trip, Su Yun and her family stumbled upon a group of puppies that had been put up for adoption. Su’s children have been begging their parents to let a dog joint the family for a long time.

Despite her previous refusals, Su Yun was falling in love with one of the little puppies. After years of considering it, Su Yun decided it was finally time to give in and get a pet. Soon, she would realize that she had taken on much more than she had asked for.

4. They Got A Warning

The seller warned Su and her family that the dog was a Tibetan Mastiff, one of the largest breeds, that can reach 180 pounds and stand over two feet tall.

The Tibetan Mastiff is loving, gentle, patient, and understanding. His centuries of working closely with humans have made him very sophisticated in the ways he understands people, so they decided to adopt it.

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5. Little Black And Fuzzy Puppy

On their way back home they decided to name the pup ‘Little Black’. They strongly believed that this pup would remain small forever. But the reality was different.

Su and her family agreed to let the dog live inside the house. They never believed in leaving dogs in the backyard. Also, from day one, Little Black pup ate a lot.

6. Things Started Off Normal Enough

Little Black enjoyed the new company and immediately bond with his new family, but the family had some choices to make about how to raise their adopted puppy. Although the climate in Kunming City allowed dogs to live outside, Su Yun and her family decided to keep Little Black indoors.

As Little Black adjusted to his new life, the entire family was pleased to see that he had a healthy appetite and settled in pretty quickly. As time passed, though, they started to notice some strange things about the newest addition to their family.

7. Little Black Could Eat Anything

Little Black loved his new house, his new family, and moreover, he really loved regular meals. He even ate two buckets of noodles every day.

Little Black gain weight easily and with each day he was heavier. The Yun family loved that their pup was growing into a strong and healthy dog.

8. Little Black Was Growing Too Fast?

Although they were happy to see how fast their puppy grows, something was still suspicious. Little Black was growing overnight. No one was ready for what they witnessed next!

One day Su came home and she saw Little Black standing with his two legs! Although this was her first dog she knew that this was strange.

9. They Spend Fortune

Little Black was hungry all the time. When he turned one year old, Su and her family spend a fortune on noodles and fruits. Yes, he ate fruits like crazy.

By the time he turned two years, Su and her family started feeling scared around their dog. He grew so much that they were scared to cuddle with him.

10. Teeth Were Scary

Little Black had some features that were not visible when he was a puppy. Not only that he was big, but he had large teeth too. But that wasn’t the only issue.

He was constantly standing on his hind legs. He disliked walking on all four. With his size, big teeth, and back hind stand it was unpleasant to be around him.

11. Little Black Grew Too Large For His Home

While the family, especially kids, enjoyed spending time with Little Black in home, keeping him indoor eventually became a huge problem.

Soon enough, Su Yun and her family started to keep him in a makeshift dog house outside of their home. But it was not like putting the pet in the backyard meant that any of the underlying problems went away.

12. Strange Sounds

With time Little Black started staying outside. In addition, he couldn’t fit in his large doggie house. Moreover, kids started feeling scared as well.

He never barked. Interestingly, he was often growling and roaring. At that time they started asking if their dog was a dog at all!

13. Little Black Is Not A Dog?

It took them two years to realize that their furry dog is actually a bear! They had no idea what to feel and what to do. So, they made a decision.

They decided to act, as usual, to keep him well feed and to call the local animal rescue team. They needed professional help.

14. They Went Viral

This story was so massive, that National Geographic wanted to explore it and publish.

Shockingly, National Geographic stated that this is not a lonely case and that it happens rather often.

15. Animal Rescue

When Su called the local animal rescue, the police of the Yiliang County Forest Public Security Bureau was in front of their house in just a few minutes.

She told them they had no idea that their dog is actually a bear and that they knew that it’s prohibited to domesticate wild animals.

16. Little Black’s True Origin

When the police came, Little Black was eating. They informed the family that the ‘dog’ was actually a healthy Asiatic Black Bear. Su and her family were shocked.

An Asiatic Black Bear is known under other names such as moon bear, Himalayan bear, and Tibetan bear.

17. Bear Farms

But, how Little Black end up at the market in the first place? The sad truth is that there are ‘bear farms’ that are specially designed to raise this type of bear for their internal organs.

Su believed that the seller knew that Little Black is actually a bear. However, she also knew that they are not capable of raising a real-life bear in their home.

18. Bear Necessities

The authorities immediately check-up on the bear. The conclusion was: the bear was the one-meter height with a weight of around 200 kilograms. So, basically Little Black was no little.

Moreover, the bear was perfectly healthy and with no injuries, meaning that the family really took good care of him. After the check-up, the bear was transported to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center for further examination.

19. Little Black Was Much Loved

Su and her family really missed Little Black. Although he was a bear, he was still loved. After all, they raised him and he was an equal family member.

So, how can one mix domestic and wild animal? The truth is that these bears look a lot like puppies when they are just cubs. Therefore, a mix is often all over China.

20. Three Years Ago

A similar case happened three years ago. A farmer mistakenly adopted a black bear. That also happened in China. The bear was named Scorpion.

Although the farmer realized at one point that Scorpion was actually a bear, he decided to keep him. However, the local authorities received a report and he was taken away.

21. The ‘Small Milk Dog’

Back in 2015, again in China, another farmer saved ‘small milk dog’ wandering in the mountains. He instantly fell in love with this ‘dog’.

He noticed that the dog was bigger with each passing day, extremely bigger. He learned that his dog was actually a bear. He had to leave him under the care of the local authorities, together with Little Black and Scorpion.

22. Bear Bile & Chinese Medicine

Bear farms are active even nowadays all over China. Bears are held for bear bile which is used as a mandatory part of Chinese traditional medicine.

Most of the bears are locked, and those that are not meant to be used for the medicine are sold as large breed ‘dogs’. Few bears can be found wandering the mountains, as well.

23. Unusual Friendships

Even wild animals can attach to different species, including humans, especially when they are puppies or cubs. During their period they need affection, safety, and food.

In return, they are peaceful, thankful and full of affection and appreciation. In most cases, wild animals won’t hurt their human family.

24. Three Is Not A Crowd

Little Black, Scorpion, and Small Milk Dog are under one roof, enjoying their freedom and similar surrounding. Moreover, they are spending their days together.

Unfortunately, new Little Black, Scorpion, or Small Milk Dog can be found nowadays across the black markets in China. Moreover, someone will buy them believing they are buying a furry puppy.

25. Living Life

For a few lucky wild animals, meeting humans that are looking for a dog family addition can be the best thing ever. For some, not so much.

If nothing else, this is a nice way to ‘accidentally’ save bears from sad and horrible destiny and to provide them shelter life in open, that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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