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20 Famous Man You Forgot Had Long Hair

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Having wild and unexpected hairstyles is not strictly reserved for ladies, and these Hollywood guys are here to prove that.

Once upon a time, before they reached the level of success that they are enjoying today these guys experimented with hair fashion big time.

They’ he tried out some different hair lengths, and some of them looked great, while others were just big fail. Check to see famous men’s long hair phases you completely forgot about.

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1. Hugh Jackman

Ever since Hugh kicked off with the role of Wolverine, we know him as a guy with short and controlled hair. But, back in early 2000s that wasn’t the case.

Jackman was testing some luscious locks, but he has short hair from 2003 when he started promoting “X-Men” sequel. Long hair no more ever since.

2. Tom Cruise

At the beginning of his career, Tom had a long-hair phase. That was back in 1985 and a lot has changed ever since.

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Luckily, in 1986 Tom got to play an Air Force pilot in ‘Top Gun’ and had to cut his hair. Probably the best move ever.

3. Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher was the real ‘flower kid’ in 2011 when he appeared on the red carpet with long hair. His hair was so long that he could flip it.

Soon after he got the role of Steve Jobs and had to cut the hair.

4. Christian Bale

It’s hard to imagine Batman with long hair, but one of the best Batman’s ever had a long hair for a few months in 2010 and 2011.

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Bale said that he grew his hair due to unemployment. At the time he had no scheduled roles so he didn’t bother to cut his hair.

5. George Clooney

Clooney was a pretty wild one back in the colorful ’80s. Moreover, his cropped hair was his signature.

Back in 1985, he was mostly known for his role in the boarding school-based sitcom ‘The Facts of Life’. The hair was normal for that period.

6. Joe Jonas

Before he married the queen of Winterfell, Joe Jonas went through a massive hair-style change.

Joe joined his brothers and completely changed his style to reflect his more mature aspirations. So, he went a long way from curly to flat-ironed look.

7. Brad Pitt

Yes, Brad went through a bleach-blond surfer. Although he had long hair many times in his career this phase in 1994 was the most memorable one.

Brad rocked this hairstyle for his role ‘Legends of the Fall’, where he played wild cowboy named Tristan. His hair never was long again and it seems that he prefers it darker.

8. Ben Barnes

It’s hard to believe now, but when Barnes was younger he went all long-hair style when he entered Hollywood back in 2008.

We love this look, but Prince Caspian decided to make his hair shorter with each passing year. So, his hair became significantly shorter until it hit the length that it’s at today.

9. David Beckham

Yes, David’s iconic look is his shaved head or his pompadour-esque quiff but is also known for experimenting a lot. Therefore, no wonder that he had long hair as well.

Over the last few decades, this global soccer star experimented with other colors and different cuts, including this bleached blond, shoulder-length style.

10. Tom Brady

Brady changed his hairstyle not once, but 16 times! This quarterback’s hair went a long way from buzzed to longer hair.

Brady was rocking long hair during 2010 and 2011 and we think that it looks really good on him.

11. Austin Butler

Austin’s hair may now be dark and short, but that wasn’t always the case. There was a period when Austin was on the opposite side.

When he was playing a half-human/half-elf warrior on ‘The Shannara Chronicles’, his hair was blond and shoulder-long. Unrecognizable, right?

12. Jake Gyllenhaal

Nowadays, Jake Gyllenhaal walks with stylish and little wavy hair that suits his new role on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’. Also, he is not much of a risk-taker when it comes to drastic changes, except when it comes to roles.

But, Jake stepped outside of his comfort zone once in 2014, when he had long hair. Of course, he went full caveman for the role of a mountain climber in ‘Everest’.

13. Tom Hiddlestone

Tom Hiddleston is a well-known name in Hollywood. After all, he comes with so amazing acting skills and great performances. And then, there is his hair.

Tom is 100% in each role, so no wonder that we saw him with dark and curly hair, to being completely ginger. But, how much you loved his Loki performance and that long hair?

14. Sean Bean

It seems that Sean Bean is so custom to having long hair on the set. From ‘Lord Of The Rings’ to ‘Game Of The Thrones’. But, those weren’t the only two times he had long hair.

Sean Bean was also rocking longer and curly hair in ‘Troy’.

15. Keanu Reeves

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood boy is all about romantic hairstyles. But, Keanu went a long way from straight bangs to today’s edgy look.

John Wick and puppy-revenge look could only be done with a proper hair length, so Keanu is rocking up-to-shoulder long hairstyle.

16. Viggo Mortensen

‘Green Book’ brought some old topics under the spotlight, and it brought us older and heavier Viggo Mortensen. Also, he had less hair as well.

For years, Viggo was proud of having long hair. After all, back in the days, he was a king. He was Aragorn, remember? During the filming of LOTR, he was rocking only long hair.

17. Antonio Banderas

Antonio made a boom with his first movie role. Everyone loved his look, energy, and hair. If you are not familiar with ‘Desperado’ you should watch it now!

We can imagine Antonio saving Selma Hayek and playing the guitar without that long and straight hair. Nowadays, Antonio is more about short hair.

18. Jared Leto

Jared did an amazing job with his role of Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’. The role affected him so much that afterward, he decided to keep the pink color, a rather flattering look.

He was known for his beach waves but the hair had to go. Can you imagine Joker with extremely long hair that Leto was known for? Yeah, neither could we.

19. Morgan Freeman

Long hair doesn’t have to be necessarily long and straight. It can be Afro as well, and no one showed it better than Freeman back in the ’80s.

This beloved actor rocked afro-hair with an on-trend mustache. Once the ’80s were gone, Freeman went for significantly shorter hair. Luckily, he kept the mustache.

20. Orlando Bloom

Okay, you have probably noticed that Orlando hasn’t had long hair for a while. But, it doesn’t mean we don’t like walking down the memory line.

He had long hair for a long period on and off-screen. He even pulled off a platinum Legolas.

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