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World’s First 3D X-Ray In Colors Developed By New Zealand Scientists

Photo: Mars Bioimaging

Technology continues to advance in the application of medical imaging and borders on science fiction. Doctors or specialists can see and speak to their patients from a different room and floor.

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We now have machines that can display 4-D sonograms of organs or unborn fetuses. A father and son science duo have brought an interesting new idea to the entirety of the medical field.

Phil and Anthony Butler, scientists from New Zealand, have likely revolutionized how X-rays will be taken with their new invention. Using something called Medipix 3, the pair successfully created the world’s first 3D X-ray machine.

MARS Bio-Imaging, the pair’s company, worked with the University of Otago and Canterbury to develop the machine known as the MARS Spectral Scanner. Unlike conventional X-ray machine, which only read what passes through our bodies, MARS scans are precise and detect the near-exact energy level of the radiation passing through one’s body.

Using these devices, those observing the 3D images can see the obvious differences between muscle and bone. This might allow doctors to be far more careful when dealing with splintered bone or unexplained swelling in certain parts of the body.

Smaller versions of the scanner are being used in clinical trials to study things like vascular disease and different cancers. Other applications are being studied and there is hope that this will allow medical professionals to better deal with tumors and give other patients a more detailed diagnosis, helping cut down on deaths due to misdiagnosis.

It is interesting to see how technology has come in every avenue of life, but especially the medical field. What was once only saw on shows like Star Trek is now being created before our eyes?

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Burn victims can heal their affected areas using the fish skin, patients don’t have to leave their rooms to speak with their doctor, and now we the Butlers have given doctors a new arsenal in their quest to treat their patients.

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