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Five Months After He Was Supposed To Leave The Earth, Mark Participated In a 145-Mile Ultra-Running Event

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When a person is given a terminal diagnosis, they begin to wonder what are they going to do. The exercise regimen they’ve been sticking to may get nixed from their schedule. What they once found exciting may no longer be of interest to them. Some individuals cannot be stopped by a terminal diagnosis, as ultra-runner Mark Thornberry has shown.

Thornberry was diagnosed with liver cancer in June 2017. He was informed that, given the progression of his condition, his life was expected to end by March 2018. Despite being given the news, that did not stop him from doing what he loved: ultra-running.

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Five months after he was supposed to leave the Earth, Mark participated in a 145-mile ultra-running charity event. He posted on social media his intentions to participate, showing others that even cancer couldn’t stop a motivated person.

He has raised more than eighty-thousand pounds for the charity fund started by the King’s College Hospital, where he has been a patient for at least 13 years.

Thornberry shared that running helped keep him out the “dark rooms” of his mind. Because the expected recovery time for his treatments and multiple hospital stays, training has not been as consistent as the cancer survivor would like.

Mark admits that his condition frustrates him. It does not allow him to be as efficient as other runners, cancer making it difficult for the runner’s body to process nutrient and store glycogen (a form of glucose processed by the liver).

He is frustrated that he cannot be cured with the simple wave of a wand, but Mark Thornberry believes that the money he raises with help in further understanding and treating cancer in other patients.

Ultra-runner Mark Thornberry can teach others a thing or two. He hasn’t let liver cancer defeat him. Are you going to let small thing defeat you?

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