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Will We Really Get a Reality Show About Flat Earthers That Are Trying To Find The World’s Edge?

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Most of the free world is entitled to self-expression. With that right, people might decide to say some out of this world stuff. No matter what proof ‘non-believers’ may present them with, there is just no shaking their faith.

One of the people well-known for their crazy radical beliefs is radio host Alex Jones. He once made the claim that former USA president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were interdimensional lizard people who wanted to take over the world.

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What’s crazier than a man with such various shades of red in his skin talking about bipedal lizards? People who wholeheartedly believe that the Earth is actually flat.

The idea of a flat Earth is not a new concept. Until Christopher Columbus made contact with the Natives of the Americas, it was widely believed that sailing too far from land would lead you to the edge and into a dark abyss.

Despite the painfully obvious evidence to support and round or spherically shaped Earth, there’s simply no arguing with them when it comes to believing we live on a place as flat as a pancake.

There is no definitive answer for why people in the modern day have accepted such an outlandish idea. Belief in a flat planet isn’t even the craziest part about it.

The Flat Earth Society has made claims that the world’s governments have set up a Game of Thrones style ice wall to prevent any unwanted adventure-seekers from reaching the edge.

Reddit is known for its users coming up with some of the internet’s craziest ideas. One user on the message board site thought it might be a good idea to give flat Earthers a platform to help spread their message. The idea was to have a group from the FES take a trip to find ‘the edge.’

People who commented on the same post suggested actually flying these people to the North and South Poles to show them they are completely wrong.

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Something tells me even a plane ride AROUND the world wouldn’t convince them.

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