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Foods That Can Cause Depression

Many people eat food for comfort. Some of us might eat ice cream when we’re sad, while others may ‘destroy’ an entire party pack of chocolate cookies. What you might never consider when eating, though, is how the food may have a direct impact on how you feel.

Have you ever felt slightly depressed after binging on the wrong thing? There might be ingredients in the food that could be the cause. Here is a list of food that may be responsible for making you depressed or aggravating the depression you already have:

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1. Sugar

With the variety of types that exist, it is pretty hard to get away from if you aren’t watching your grocery list like a hawk. One study back in 2015 was able to make a connection between a person’s intake of sugar and their likelihood of developing depression symptoms.

The craziest findings had to be what was published in the journal Diabetologia. Simply eating sugar-rich foods consistently limits a person’s brain power and increases their chances of developing depression, diabetes, and dementia.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

The only thing worse that sugar-rich foods are the ones filled with artificial sweeteners. Meant to be a replacement for sugar, they pose a slightly greater threat to your health. Some artificial sweeteners may block the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for our ‘good moods.’

Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sweet N Low, and even truvia might cause you to develop insomnia, in addition to depression and chronic headaches. When it comes to what’s healthier, you are actually better off with the regular refined sugar.

3. Alcohol

While it is often served at parties to ‘lighten the mood,’ it is most well-known for causing depression due to its effect on the central nervous system. Every sense is fogged with a lack of understanding and reasoning, affecting motor function.

Our central nervous system is how our bodies process emotion, and with alcohol being a depressant, it only enhances the negative we feel at a given time. If you think alcohol might be what’s been making you feel so depressed, it’s time to cut back on how much you drink.

4. High Sodium Foods

In an effort to find more healthy fat-free alternatives to our foods, we inadvertently came up with something just as unhealthy. The problem with fat-free is that some of those foods labeled such contain high levels of sodium to compensate for the flavor. Depression may be a direct symptom of excessive sodium intake, because of how it affects the body’s neurological system.

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In addition, it can cause fatigue making one feel tired and absolutely out of energy. The possible weight gain from fluid retention may also contribute to the negative way a person feels about their self-image.

5. Caffeine

Studies have found that consistent ingestion of caffeine, even in the healthiest of individuals, was still contributing factor to how they scored on a one study’s depression scale.

Caffeine affects our sleep most, making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. A lack of proper rest can greatly affect one’s mood in a very negative way. It is important to get the recommended hours of rest, but be sure to avoid energy drinks if you plan on sleeping for at least eight hours.

6. Processed Food

Another type of food known to cause feelings of depression in refined or processed carbohydrates. Foods that contain it such white bread, cereal, pasta, or snack foods increase the blood sugar levels, decreasing the levels of a protein that promotes the grown of neurons and synapses.

When you eat a bowl of cereal, there are enough processed ingredients to make it comparable to a bowl of jelly beans.

Bagels and donuts also fall into the category of processed foods, but the same will happen after you eat these: you’ll be irritated, tired, and slightly depressed.

7. Hydrogenated Oil

The food most commonly fried in hydrogenated oils are fried cheese sticks, fried chicken, fried calamari and French fries. As tasty as everything on that list is, the oil they are fried increases a person’s chances for depression. That list includes anything else fried in hydrogenated oil.
With the information you now have from this list, do you think it will be easier to make better meal choices?

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