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7 Forbidden Destinations You Can’t Visit

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The development of all kinds of travel has made visiting exotic locations an absolute breeze. While there are all kinds of tropical island getaways or city museums containing ancient artifacts, there are a couple very special places that only a few are allowed to enter or visit.

Here is a list of locations that are essentially forbidden to the general public:

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1. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

Imagine a library with some of the oldest texts in the world, sitting underneath a giant building that many people take limited tours through.

It is known that the Vatican has hidden archives full of a range of literature. They have amassed a lot of texts over the centuries, including state papers, correspondence, papal account books, and other important documents.

These archives are considered among the most forbidden places on Earth. In 1881, Pope Leo XIII allowed a select few researchers into the archives to study the ancient texts within. It was the first time anyone outside the church had been allowed in.

“Highly qualified” scholars are the only outside people allowed in, but there is still a great deal of things scholars are not allowed to view.

2. North Sentinel Island, India

Visiting islands with the brightest of beaches is always a great place to vacation or honeymoon. But there are some beaches that you can’t visit, despite how beautiful the scenery makes them.

In a chain of islands known as the Andaman is a small place known as North Sentinel Island. The small piece of land is inhabited by a tribe known as the Sentinelese. Because they are hostile to outsiders, the country of India has expressly forbidden any travel whatsoever to the island.

In the latter half of 2018, a Christian missionary by the name of John Allen Chau attempted to bring ‘Jesus’ to the people of North Sentinel Island. He, unfortunately, lost his life when the Sentinelese perceived him as a threat.

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3. Lascaux Cave, France

Located in the southwest of France, the Lascaux Cave is located in the Dordogne region near the village of Montignac. Some of the most famous examples of cave paintings are located on its walls.

There are nearly 600 paintings, mostly animals, with horses being in the most abundance. Also depicted are deer, aurochs, ibex, bison, and some felines. Dating has placed the art c. 17,000 – 15,000 BCE, placing it in the Upper Paleolithic period.

Entry to the cave has been restricted since the 60s due to a series of abnormal fungal invasions.

Because human presence in the cave is so potentially destructive, only a single guard is allowed to enter once a week and for only a few minutes at a time.

4. Area 51, Nevada, US

If you are into science fiction and the existence of aliens, there is no doubt you’ve heard of this location. Located at Groom Lake, Area 51 is a United States military facility first built in the 1960s.

What goes on at Area 51 is largely unknown to the public. It is at the center of many alien conspiracy theories. Many groups have dedicated themselves to exposing the ‘alien experiments’ rumored to have occurred here.

More than likely, Area 51 is simply a testing facility for military weapons and experimental aircraft technology. Entry into the base in strictly forbidden to the public.

5. Surtsey, Iceland

Volcanic activity is responsible for much of the lush greenery in remote parts of the world. It can also last more than just a few hours.
One particular volcanic event that began on November 14, 1963, is extremely important. Eruptions began on this day and lasted until June of 1967. The result was the birth of the island known as Surtsey, currently the youngest in the world.

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A small group of scientists are the only people allowed to ever set foot on Surtsey. This will allow for the ecology of the island to develop without interference.

6. Snake Island, Brazil

Officially the island is referred to as Ilha de Queimada Grande, it can be found not far from the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Known for its overabundance of snakes and is the only known home of the infamous Golden Lancehead Viper, whose venom is toxic enough to melt human flesh.
The government has banned any travel to the island.

7. North Brother Island, New York, US

Once home to Typhoid Mary, the first person document with the disease, it later became a rehab center for teens recovering from drug addiction. The island’s most recent incarnation is that of a protected bird sanctuary.

This is one sanctuary that absolutely no one is allowed to visit.

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