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Disappointed Researchers Find Out That What Was Thought To Be 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Fossils, Are Probably Just Rocks

Thanks to geology, the human race has learned a great deal about the earth’s past. We have learned about the migration patterns and diets of creatures that walked the planet’s surface long before our time. Through excavation, even previously unknown cities have been found. Just like any science, geology is not perfect.

Have you ever found something you thought to be of great value, only to find out it was a simple trinket? Imagine making a ground-breaking discovery only to find out the evidence was completely wrong.

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In Greenland, there is said to be fossils encased in rock estimated to be 3.7 billion years old. Recent analysis suggests that the “fossils” are not what they were first believed to be.

When the formations were first found and examined, researchers had concluded these cone-shaped objects were the oldest signs of life on earth. The mistake may have been because similar shapes are seen in rock samples containing evidence of microbial life.

Josh Hurowitz, co-author stated about the new findings, “It’s much easier to explain these shapes as rocks that were squeezed together.”

When it comes to making a discovery with such large implications, it greatly adds to a research team’s reputation.

The team that made the find on the “fossils” has continued to defend their research despite the great deal of evidence to the contrary. It’s admirable that they would stick to their initial conclusion, but the scientific method demands they go back and prove the new findings wrong.

It’s unfortunate that a new team has, in effect, disproved one of mankind’s most important discoveries.

It is hard to determine the biological content of fossils so embedded in rock, as it requires carbon dating. The team that first examined the site may have made an error somewhere during the research.

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This shows us that we must always double check our findings to ensure the most accurate conclusion.

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