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Friends Fan Theories You Have To Know About

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It has been a strong 25 years since popular sitcom Friends aired its last episode but it is still one of the most widely watched shows around the world. For ten seasons straight, the popular show revolved around the lives of six twentysomething-year-olds navigating adulthood, relationships, jobs, friendship and eventually parenthood in New York City.

It had a healthy blend of comedy and reason ensuring the audience was kept entertained while still tugging at some heartstrings. What more could anyone ask for?

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The first episode of the show premiered in 1994. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, the show quickly became a hit.

After its release, Friends fans have been diving in different rabbit holes of theories that go on and on. While some of these sound absurd, others actually make sense. Here are some of the most common ones:

Ross Lost Custody Of His Son Ben Because He Was A Bad Father

The show started with Ross’ wife transforming into a lesbian after the birth of his son Ben. While it paints Ross as an innocent player in the imminent divorce, fans have another theory. While we see little Ben in parts of the first seasons, Ross’ son disappears from the show from season 8 and never meets with Rachel’s daughter and his half-sister on camera.

According to fans, the disappearance of Ben is a result of his bad parenting skills prompting his first wife Carol to take full custody of him. For starters, the University professor sleeps with his students in the show. Another indicator is how he tried to hook up with his cousin. He was a very possessive partner as well which raised serious red flags to fans.

Phoebe Buffay Imagines The Whole Series

According to fan theories, Phoebe who was initially homeless and semi-educated imagined the whole show from outside the coffee shop where she sat watching the five friends having a good time inside their infamous coffee shop. This theory suggests that Phoebe who lost her mother to suicide is presumably lonely and wishes she could have friends.

Rachel Green Dreams Up The Whole Show

This theory stems from the show’s season four cover photo which shows all the friends cuddled together sleeping except the outgoing Rachel Gren who is wearing a sheepish smile. According to these theorists, the whole series begins the night before Rachel’s wedding to Barry. Because of her anxiety on the big day, she dreams of having a whole group of friends.

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Joey And Phoebe Are Secretly Shacking Up

This theory almost sufficed except that Phoebe finally found true love in Mike. But for the better part of the show, these two showed strong solidarity with each other. They also shared secrets outside the group.

According to producers, the idea was brought forward by Joey himself who thought the two should mysteriously come out of a clothes closet together. His idea was however shot down and didn’t live to see the light of day. Many fans, however, confessed that they wanted the two to end up together.

Monica Is A Result Of An Affair

This is by far the weirdest theory so far. According to some, Monica’s parents showed preferential love to her brother Ross than her because she was allegedly a result of an affair her mother had and was ashamed of. This is why she showed more love and favoritism to Ross over Monica. These could explain Monica’s OCD issues after weight loss.

The Whole Show Is Cast In A Mental Asylum

Some fans predicted that the whole show which is cast in very few different rooms is a mental asylum. This is as a result of the clear personality disorders the cast of friends showed throughout the show. According to this theory, the coffee shop was the asylum’s cafeteria.

Gunther Always Reserves Their Central Perk Table To Win Rachel’s Heart

Think about it, how lucky is the gang that they always ended up seated on the coveted middle chair of the coffee shop? This is not realistic unless Gunther, who had a huge crush on Rachel would reserve it for them.

Rachel Hooked Up With Ben From Parks And Recreation

This theory is thanks to Rachel’s bestie who called her out on a lie. Monica listed Ben Wyatt as one of the people Rachel slept with on the first date. Ben Wyatt is a character in Parks and Recreation and the timelines match up. If you’re a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, you can’t help but wonder what Ben’s wife Leslie Knope thinks of all this.

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