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10 Fun Facts About DNA That Will Fascinate You

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DNA, which is the acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid, is responsible for passing on genetic information. DNA is a double-helix molecule built from four nucleotides named adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. It is incredible to think that all we are and everything our organism is made of, its functions, how we look is coded in the small molecule made out of only four building blocks of nucleotides.

Needless to say, DNA has always presented a source of admiration and constant curiosity for scientists around the world. With recent discoveries and researches, mankind has learned so much about DNA that we’re able to genetically modify nearly everything. This can both be useful and dangerous, but whatever it is, the power that lays in DNA is endless.

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Therefore, we are selecting most fascinating fun facts about DNA that will simply blow your mind.

1. You Share 99% Of Your DNA With Every Other Human Being

This can almost be interpreted as a inspirational quote! This practically means that you are 99% the same with all your idols, aspiring talents, famous actors, film directors, scientists and so on. However, just think about how powerful that 1% of your DNA is! Just one small percent of it makes every single human being on Earth completely unique.

2. You And Chimpanzee Share 98% Of Your DNA

Well, now that you think about it that 1% of DNA REALLY chances a lot, doesn’t it.

3. You And Your Parent Share 99.5% Of The Same DNA

So does that mean that only 0.5% is what makes you different from your parents? What is written in our genomes?

4. If All DNA Molecules In Your Body Were Spread In A Single Line It Would Reach From The Earth To The Sun And Back Over 600 Times

Woah! Whatever is your theory behind the creation of nature and mankind, you must be amazed with the fact that such a microscopic molecule can fit into a single body, be invisible, but still be so long if spread completely to reach Sun and back over 600 of times! If you’re wondering what’s the length of the distance between Earth and Sun, it is 149.6 million km ( or 92.96 million miles).

5. The Human Genome Contains 3 Billion Base Pairs Of DNA

Your entire genome is made out of DNA molecules that are shaped like twisted ladders. Those ladders are then, made out of base pairs of the 4 nucleotides – adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T) which always pair in the same way – ‘A’ with ‘T’, and ‘C’ with ‘G’. If someone was to write down all the information written in the codes of our genome for eight hours a day, this person would need 50 years to write the human genome.

6. We Share A Lot Of DNA With Strange Beings

For instance, you and cabbage share about 40-50% of the same DNA. On the other hand, scientists at Cambridge University claim that mud worms are our closest invertebrate genetic relatives to us. More than octopus or spiders. Who would know?

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7. There’s DNA Orbiting Our Earth

Inside the International Space Station there is a digitalized DNA sequence of Lance Armstrong, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Hawking and others great talents. The reason why these sequences are kept in a memory device known as ‘Immortal Drive’ is actually the attempt to save human race in case of a global catastrophe.

8. DNA Is Very Fragile

The fragility of DNA is both a good and a bad thing. It’s the thing that makes us stronger and keeps us alive, but it’s also something that can actually kill us. Let us explain this more clearly. Nearly thousand times a day, numerous numbers of things happen that cause our DNA to work erroneously. These events cause damage which can turn into mutations. Some of these mutations can be helpful, while others can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Other damages are luckily repaired by our body’s specific repairing system.

There are technologies today that work to edit our genome in order to cure mutations that lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s and any other disease that has genetic roots.

9. One Single Gram Of DNA Can Hold 700 Terabytes Of Data

Could you imagine that? This basically means that all digital information in the world could be stored in just a few grams of DNA. Isn’t that insane? Nature, how do you do this?

10. In Order To Evolve We Need To Lose Parts Of Our DNA

Scientists discovered that in order to arrive where we are today and pass through human evolution, we had a total of 510 DNA codes lost throughout the entire process.

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