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Fun Things To Do When There’s No Wifi

In the modern day, there’s almost no place untouched by Wi-Fi. Having it so widespread makes it hard to stay off the web with our phone or tablet of choice. Are you having trouble figuring out what to do besides binge-watch movies on Netflix or finish that raid in Neverwinter?

Here are some things you can do that involve unplugging from your tech for a change:

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1. Get Outside and Walk

So it isn’t the most fun in the world, but it is definitely one of the most affordable activities a person can participate in. If you’ve been at your computer too long or you’ve gone through one too many battle royales, it is important to get out and stretch your legs.

Invite a friend for a walk to the store if they live close by.

This is an especially effective tool for relieving writer’s block. It allows you to decompress and look at the project with a fresh set of eyes.

2. Cook Something That You Know By Heart

Cooking is something that, like many things, takes practice to become confident in. There’s no need to go out of your comfort zone if you’re looking to unplug. Find a recipe that’s been lying around or, if you know one by heart, get to cooking.

Is your sweet tooth aching for some chocolate chip? If you’re looking for something more savory, whip up a ground beef gravy to drizzle over slices of toast bread.

3. Pick Up a Magazine

While you can get news and other things from your computer or phone screen, there’s nothing like opening up and reading from a magazine created by a team of people. Do something besides look through the events on your newsfeed and grab a fresh magazine. If you’ve got any old school ones lying around, check those out too.

4. Or a Really Good Book

Magazines are great, especially when they’ve got hilarious interviews. But there is no comparison with letting your imagination run wild with a good book. There’s nothing wrong with an e-reader, so long as you can resist the temptation to stray.

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If you find that too difficult, grab a paperback you have and relax on the couch with some coffee or hot cocoa.

5. Organize Your Junk Drawer

We all certainly have one (my family does, and it’s a mess) and we don’t always have time to check what’s in it. Oftentimes, we’re simply tossing in what we don’t have a place for. Why not relieve future stress and take some time to organize the junk drawer?

If you want to really get crazy, you can organize your largest closet or small shed.

6. Call Someone You Love

We’ve all felt that need to be slightly social, but lacking in the desire to go out and engage in social activity. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. If you’d like to still talk to someone without the closing in of personal place, give your friend or family member a ring.

While my wife was away at college, she and I had only our phones to communicate with. Though we didn’t get to see each other for some time, every second on the phone was far more rewarding than reading a few words on a screen.

7. Take a Nap

This is one that my wife absolutely loves and I’ve been more inclined to do. Naps, despite popular belief, do indeed give people the feeling of being recharged. If you’re done with the video games and there are no movies or shows of interest, give yourself a nice long nap. Just remember to put your phone on “Do Not Disturb.”

8. Upgrade Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are often considered a sanctuary for many people. They should be well taken care of, not for others, but for you to feel comfortable. Clean out everything you can absolutely do without, whether it’s from your closet and drawers or under your bed.

Throw your bed sheets in for a wash with a decent amount of fabric softener and feel the ‘cloudiness’ when you jump into bed for the night.

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9. Throw Out Old Paperwork

At some point, one might begin to amass large amounts of paperwork. Sometimes they’re employment forms, old pay stubs, or decades-old appointment papers. Whatever your paperwork is, toss it into the recycling bin after running anything with important info through a shredder.

10. Make a Grocery List

This is one activity that requires simply looking through your fridge and cabinets. Grab a notebook or sheet of paper and look through everything, jotting down what you’re missing or getting low on.

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