Game Of Thrones – Cast Episode Salary

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2. Kit Harington

Salary: $500,000 per episode

Jon Snow is one of the most popular characters in the show. People love him for so many different reasons, he is noble, trustworthy and acts as a true king. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be around still walking, right? Jon Snow keeps running the show. And Harington, who plays Jon Snow, is well aware of it. Moreover, Kit knows how to charge it. Therefore, Kit Harington takes home $500,000 after each episode.

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Kit Harington earned far less in the first few seasons. Of course, that was before the show become such a major hit. In fact, Kit’s payroll had a large payroll shift in 2014. Ever since he’s taking $500,000 home after each episode. Equally, his net worth is around $12 million.
Khaleesi’s on-screen lover joined Clarke in Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Also, he was the face of Jimmy Choo’s menswear and Nissan Infiniti. It seems that Jon knows something after all, right?

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