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9 Extraordinary Facts About Garlic

Who doesn’t like having a taste of that spicy, delicious garlic aroma somewhere in between the bites of your favorite meals? Well, maybe your other half after you have indulged in that spaghetti aglio & olio dish. Enough jokes, most people enjoy this vegetable/spice and even more people glorify these tasty cloves for their incredible health benefits.

It looks that garlic always left a great impression on humankind since ancient times, and not only for that horrible breath you have after eating it. Garlic has paved its way to many superstitions, myths, natural remedies for various diseases, and of course, there are numerous uses of it in the cuisines of different nations worldwide.

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Since we can’t describe how much we love garlic and its magical powers, we decided to celebrate it with these fun facts. Let us know which one was your favorite!

Fun Facts About Garlic

Garlic As An Amulet

A long time ago, in some cultures, it was believed that garlic had the power to drive away evil spirits. A lot of homes would hung braided garlic above the doorways or next to it in order to ward off demons. There are still households holding up to this tradition. Maybe the braided garlic is also kept as a decoration, but there must still be people believing that garlic protects their home.

Ancient Egyptians even buried garlic-shaped clay with their pharaohs to keep away evil forces. In fact, archaeologists found preserved bulbs of garlic in the King Tut’s tomb.

Central European cultures gave garlic the power to ward off werewolves, devils and vampires.

Who knows? It might be that the garlic-y breath works for evil spirits too.

Great Pyramids Were Built Thanks To Garlic

Scientists believe that ancient Egyptians were the first ones to cultivate garlic. Not only, but according to multiple researches, it is believed that hard-working slaves that worked on building pyramids used to have garlic each day in order to be stronger and more immune to diseases.

Not only, but if you wanted to buy a healthy male slave in Ancient Egypt, you had to give 15 pounds of garlic.

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Garlic Helped The Roman Conquests

Namely, Roman soldiers were famous for eating garlic before heading to the battlefield. The reason behind it was the belief that garlic gave them the necessary courage to defeat their enemies and conquer new countries. But that wasn’t enough. Whenever they would conquer a new country, they would plant fields of garlic in order to transfer that courage to their new territory.

Garlic As A Protection From Tigers

Koreans also had their own purpose of the garlic. Apparently, centuries ago, Koreans would eat a pickled garlic before passing mountain paths. Why?

Their mountains are a natural habitat to tigers that might cut your way in the middle of the mountain. They believed that tigers dislike the smell and taste of pickled garlic, and that they wouldn’t attack you after you had eaten one.

Weird Way Of Removing Garlic Smell

You finished chopping those beautiful cloves of garlic, and after a little bit of cooking, the dinner is ready. But your fingers aren’t really happy, they still have that particular smell that you’d rather not sense.

Here’s how to remove the garlic smell from your fingers – run your hands under running cold water while rubbing a stainless steel object.

A U.S. City Named After Garlic

There is a city in the U.S. named after the Indian word for wild garlic. The indian word is “Chicagaoua”. Can you guess the city?

Yes, it’s Chicago. Who would know its name actually means garlic!

Raw, Minced Garlic Is The Healthiest One

Garlic is healthy however you decide to eat it. However, when it’s raw and freshly minced, garlic has most health benefits.

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On the other hand, sprouted garlic can still be usable, but it will lose some of its flavor and its healthy nutrients won’t have the same power as in a normal garlic.

Garlic’s Pungent Flavor Is Due To A Chemical Reaction

The flavor and the smell of garlic occurs when the garlic cells are broken (when you chop/mince the cloves). This is due to a chemical reaction which is responsible for that strong smell when you chop the garlic.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a strong garlic-y aroma in your recipe, chop those cloves as much as you can.

Garlic Against Diseases

And last but not least, garlic is known worldwide for its incredible health benefits. Consuming garlic on a regular basis can improve keep heart disease, cancer, colds and flu away.

Not only, but it was found that garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels, reduces he clogs in the arteries and can be used in treating acne, toothaches and vaginitis.

During World War I, British soldiers applied garlic on wounds in order to heal them faster.

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