After Being Trapped in His Own Body For 14 Years The ‘Ghost Boy’ Found Real Joy In Life

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Martin Pistorius, today also known as “The Ghost Boy”, was a happy, healthy boy that was just the same as all of his peers. He was a joyous boy, curious for discovering new things until all of the sudden symptoms of a simple sore throat changed his life forever at the age of only 12.

In a matter of seconds, everything he enjoyed doing wasn’t doable anymore. He entered in a virtual coma that left him completely paralyzed for the following years. His family was so desperate, and doctors had no clue what has happened to this unfortunate boy.

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Yet, his story didn’t finish in tying him to the hospital bed for the rest of his life. Despite doctors not being able to explain his disease, and his mom giving up on him, Martin defied all laws of medicine, regained his life back and found the love of his life.

The path of this one-in-a-billion miraculous story was a really tough one, but Pistorius reached beyond anyone’s expectations despite living with limitations only a small percentage of people experience on earth. And there was an important reason that kept motivating him to regain his life back. Read on and get inspired by his difficult, but still extraordinary life.

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