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After a 22-year-old Saved This Bee’s Life, They Became Friends

Mini “High Five”!
Credits : Ashile Lennox

The animals that people most commonly form a bond with are cats and dogs. Some people might even be lucky enough to befriend a squirrel or maybe even a deer. For Ashile Lennox, 22, she formed an unlikely friendship in the backyard of her home in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

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While having a nice day out back, the young woman noticed something small lying seemingly dead on the concrete deck of her pool. Upon closer look, it turned out to be a bee, but it was missing one of its wings. Using sugar water, Lennox attempted to help the bee get back some energy.

When that did not work, she put her new bee friend into a flower pot. After escaping back to the pool deck, Ashile decided to make her new friend ‘Beetrice a new home with plenty of dirty and flowers for.

It seemed quite natural the bond formed between Ashile and Beetrice. After two days, the semi-incapacitated insect had warmed up to the woman enough to finally crawl on her.

Lennox noticed a few times while Beetrice was with her, that she continuously made attempts to fly before finally settling into her new life. The bee got to learn few things, it seems, and figured out that being held meant it would see food very soon.

It had been a wonderful friendship formed over the course of a few weeks, but it was not one that was meant to last. Ashile began to see signs in Beetrice that her time on earth was almost over. The insect had slowed down so much, it was breaking her human friend’s heart.

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Beetrice passed away on October 8, but did not leave her friend Ashile without leaving a mark. “She taught me a new respect for bugs, and also helped me get over my fear of bugs.” The young Canadian keeps her friend’s memory alive in a black and yellow arm tattoo.

Credits: Ashile Lennox

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