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This Mausoleum In Iran Is The Most Glittery Mosque On Earth

Each region of the world has architecture unique to its region and the country of Iran is no exception. In the Middle Eastern country is a very old building called Shah E Cheragh, a mausoleum said to house the tombs of Mir Muhammad and Amir Ahmad.

Mir and Amir are said to be the brothers of Imam Reza, someone that historical documents revealed had familial ties to the prophet Muhammad.

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While the history of the building is quite interesting, the interior of the structure is truly a sight to behold. Along the wall are intricate patterns of green marble. On the floors, visitors can walk along the ornate red carpet. Green glass panels and sculptures also dot the interior, adding to the green glimmer seen inside.

The unique interior design was ordered by Queen Tash Khatun, in an effort to intensify the light of the mosque above all others. The name of the structure, Shah E Cherag, translates to “King of the Light” in the Persian language.

Khatun’s signature design choice came 200 years after King Zhangi had ordered the buildings and its first tombs built.

In the very center of Shah E Cheragh lies the tomb of Syed Mir Ahmad, covered by a lacquer box type structure adorned in silver. The inside of the tomb can be seen through glass panels and specific verses of the Quran are written close by.

Source: Fulvio Spada

Just a short distance from the center lies Mir Muhammed, Mir’s brother. It is a great deal smaller than the tomb lying at the center of the structure.

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Shah E Cheragh maintains its awe-inspiring interior thanks to watchful hands that continue to care for it.

Regardless of your chosen faith, it is not hard to appreciate the work and time that went into making the mosque what it is today.

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