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Old West’s Genuine Saloons From Gold Rush Are Not Getting Enough Attention

The Old West is a famous time in United States history. During this time a large-scale migration dubbed the Gold Rush occurred, comprised of people looking to find their fortune in the western United States. Thanks to this migration, it gave rise to saloons, the bars of the Old West.

Many of the states in the western United States were all involved in the Gold Rush of the late 1800s. In Colorado, the rush was referred to as the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, named after the mountain of the same name.

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As much gold as there was in Colorado, it is a little-known saloon that draws the informed tourist to the state. In the town of Leadville, sits one of the only saloons built in 1879 that is still standing today.

The Silver Dollar, as it’s called, has had many famous people walk through its doors since it was first built.

Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet, and playwright, had himself a few drinks at the bar himself.

Like any saloon back in the early days of the country, it had visits from a few famous gunmen like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

It’s hard to believe, but the entryway frame, swinging doors, and diamond dust mirrors are all original parts that were put in when the saloon was first built. Part of the very wagon that transported all these items, the bench, serves as two seats in one of the booths inside of The Silver Dollar.

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The walls of the saloon are adorned with antiques and black and white photos, giving patrons a multitude of glimpses into the country’s past.

The Silver Dollar is one of the only Old West saloons still standing. With its age, history, and a track record of never closing, the saloon should be preserved as an important part of history.

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