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Golden Bridge In Vietnam Looks Like It’s Lifted With Hands Of God

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Vietnam has a lot of wondrous places to visit. Some of these iconic places are natural and others are man-made, like the Temple of Literature in Hanoi or the Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue. Then, there are those that combined human-made engineering with the natural surrounding beauty of nature.

Atop of Da Nang Mountain in the Ba Na Hills of Hoa Vang, sits the Golden Bridge. Built just this year in spring, the pedestrian bridge stands at 4369 feet (1331 meters) above sea level, about 10 feet (3 meters) wide. From the base to its highest point, the bridge stands at 487 feet.

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The most interesting part about the walkway is not where it’s built, but what supports it. As part of the design, two large stone hands were constructed as support columns for the bridge. Thanks to the altitude, visitors can enjoy the cool mountain weather as they take in the lush greenery surrounding them.

Vuong Thuy Linh, a tourist from Hanoi, had this to say about walking along the bridge, “I feel like I’m walking on clouds. It’s so unique.”

According to architect Vu Viet Anh, Design Principal at TA Landscape Architecture wanted the landmark to create an image of the “giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land.”

“It creates a walkway in the sky, among the foggy and fairly-like lands of Ba Na,” added Anh.

Truong Hoang Linh Thuy, another tourist felt a certain inspiration when she visited the Golden Bridge. “The two, smooth, giant hands look real. It makes me feel like humans can do anything.

The Ba Na Hills, where the Golden Bridge is located, received visits from more than 2.7 million people in 2017.

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There is no doubt the Ba Na Hill will receive more guests thanks to the “hands of God” stretching out of Da Nang Mountain.

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