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Google Believes Another Device Can Treat Smartphone Addiction

Courtesy of Google

Technology has made life so much easier for us. We no longer have to be stuck to the wall while speaking through a phone, we can watch a show we missed while on a bus, and even order food from McDonald’s before we ever arrive. The question many people have is this: is it too much?

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A ton of ‘smart devices’ now exist in our modern day. Almost every piece of technology we use today was once seen as science fiction. Google, the Silicon Valley-based tech giant, has created another piece of tech that probably no one thought would ever exist.

Google Home Hub is just one of many ‘smart home hubs.’ These devices are usually synced with and control the majority of ‘smart’ devices in your home. The difference between Google Hub and others is that it does not come with a camera.

The majority of the time it will function as a simple picture frame, but it can do a lot of things. Tell the device “Okay, Google. Good Morning,” and you’ll be given info on time and weather and even an assessment of traffic on your route to work. This is a feature that can actually be tweaked so that the hub begins playing your favorite music.

Many people might question Google Home Hub’s necessity, but some see it as a good way to really detach ourselves from our smartphones.

Need to look up a recipe but want to focus on gathering ingredients? Ask Google Home Hub to narrate the recipe as you work. If you are already familiar with what you’re going to cook, you can tell the hub to play your favorite list of YouTube videos.

Does the Google Home Hub seem like a useful device or are we drowning in too much tech already?

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