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Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction To His Children’s Cooking Is Something No One Expected

Source: Youtube/ Gordon Ramsey

Cooking is a wonderful way to bond with your friends or family. It serves as an important life skill in a person’s later years, and if you learn enough, you can make dishes worthy of any professional kitchen. When you are the child of world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, knowing how to cook is expected.

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Seeing how Ramsay behaves with contestants on the shows he hosts or co-hosts, you would think that he might have that same attitude away from the camera. What many people may not know is that when he is away from the lights, Gordon Ramsay is one of the nicest people you can meet.

And it’s likely that calm and endearing demeanor behind-the-scenes that would get his children to cook for him.

Last year, Gordon Ramsay got a surprise for his birthday that any parent would be ecstatic to get.

In November 2017, the MasterChef host was taken to a surprise birthday party at a secret restaurant location. Both his parents and all four of his children were in attendance, but that was not the surprise that was waiting for him.

His younger daughter Tilly, 16, and Jack, 18, spent time cooking a full three-course meal for their father that anyone would be lucky to have.

The birthday dinner began with a dish of homemade ravioli that Ramsay was happy to start out with.

After ravioli was the always difficult filet mignon, something that many contestants on Hell’s Kitchen found very difficult. Being a ‘chip off the old block’, the expensive cut of meat cooked how you would expect a Ramsay to do.

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“Wow,” complimented Ramsay, “it’s got a nice sear on the outside and pink in the middle – the perfect way to eat filet. It’s delicious..”

To finish off the special occasion, Ramsay and his wife were served a chocolate ball with warm sauce drizzled over the top.

Any parent would be proud to have their children cook such amazing works of edible art.

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