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This Game Of Thrones Inspired Hotel In Finland Is Made Out Of 350 Tons Of Ice

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When you visit a place you have not been to, lodgings usually involve staying at a hotel if you don’t know anyone there. The format is typically the same for a single guest, regardless of the country: a one-person bed, a television, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

But what about places that aren’t the generic analog style, the ones with an actual theme to them? Some places like the permanently moored Queen Mary is said to be haunted and doesn’t need any additional help from something like a Halloween theme.

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While staying at a hotel like the Queen Mary might be exhilarating, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s alright because ‘haunted’ is not the only way to market a hotel to attract guests to stay.

In the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan’s Chūō ward lies a robot-themed hotel aptly named Weird Hotel. The front desk is actually ‘manned’ by a slightly terrifying velociraptor. It has very few human employees in an effort to cut labor costs.

Ice hotels have become popular in recent years, one popping up in Canada and another in northern European country Finland.

In the city of Lapland, Finland is a large and beautiful ice hotel. The ice it is made of is the only similarity it has to the Hotel De Glace.

In the Lapland Hotels Snow village, a large Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel was constructed. It took over 350 tons of ice and 44 million pounds of snow to complete the endeavor. On the walls of each room are depictions of creatures from the GOT universe, such as dire wolves and crocodiles.

The only thing more amazing than that is the giant menacing effigy of the White Walker that has a permanent view of your bed.

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The hotel has about 24 rooms, but only 10 are meant to be used for overnight visits.

Think you can stand the chill of walls made of ice? Would your GOT fan friends sleep in this hotel? Share this article with them and discover.

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