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13 Gross Foods Baby Boomers Won’t Let Die

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Baby boomers are people that were born between 1946 and 1965. They are the generation of people that lived in prosperity and economic growth after the WWII. They are considered to be much luckier than the generations before them, and their lives were scene as very important for the cultural and economical growth in the world.

Even if they were really lucky to live in the Americas of 1960s and 1970s, and to live in the times when it was normal to buy a house and manage to support a family on just one middle class income, they can’t seem to understand the struggles new generations go through on a daily basis. But what makes us don’t understand baby boomers is the processed foods and weird meals they introduced to our society. Not only they brought these weird foods to us, but they still won’t let go of them!

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1. American Cheese Loaf

The pasteurized cheese products like these would definitely make French ashamed. Baby boomers still continue on buying these as if there wasn’t a much better alternative in the same store!

Flickr: Word Ridden

No matter if they are considered to be one of the wealthiest generations that ever existed, they would still avoid spending money on a real, good tasting cheese.

2. Plain Toast

What could be worse than those instagram trends about avocado toasts you see millenials posting about all the time? You got it right, the regular, plain toast.

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Can this be voted as the most boring piece of food ever? Baby boomers just won’t let go of it and are always using it to make sandwiches. Plain, dry toast? Just horrible!

3. Mrs. Dash

We can definitely see why Mrs. Dash was popular back in time, but using it today seems like a complete non-sense. Baby boomers choose to stick to Mrs. Dash for spicing all of their food despite having a variety of spices available in every store they enter.

Spice mixes are completely ok. But would you really choose Mrs. dash of all the others? Hopefully not. However, it seems that baby boomers will just never let go of it.

4. Meatloaf

Meatloaf… Where should we start? Does it look nice? No, it looks rather disgusting. Well then it must taste good, right? Once again, no. It is completely tasteless and makes you hate yourself for even trying it.

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Flickr: Jeffreyww

So the reason baby boomers keep on buying meatloaf will definitely remain a mystery. You just want your food to have a good taste, to feel good, to look good and smell amazingly. Especially when it comes to any kind of meat.

5. Mayonnaise-based Salads

Millenials are all about making their salads extra nutritive with some healthy superfoods like kombucha, sprouted nuts… but what about baby boomers? They will just make salads filled with thick layers of mayonnaise.

How gross is mixing mayo with veggies anyway? Gladly, today’s generation will avoid literally everything that is topped with mayonnaise which, unfortunately can’t be said for boomers!

6. Savory Jello Products

Another big mystery will always remain having bouncy foods that look like you should never ever believe them. Well, it seems that we owe this savory jello to baby boomers too.

Maybe, just maybe plain jello can be ok if you’re not feeling right and are having problems with ingesting due to a stomach issue, but jello for salads? Come on! Just the mere thought of it makes us want to forget food for the next couple of hours!

7. Juice from Concentrate

While baby boomers might definitely be right when they criticize the whooping prices of freshly squeezed orange juice in the grocery stores, there must be some alternative that is more acceptable money-wise?

Flickr: Jeepers media

If you ask baby boomers that would definitely be the juice from concentrate! It definitely does save some money, but come on, that juice is not even that tasty, you have to wait endless amount of time until it’s ready and it’s really not healthy at all!

8. TV Dinners

TV dinners were very popular when they first came out, and to be honest they can be quite handy every once in a while. You don’t have to clean after it, the only thing to do is to heat that frozen prepackaged meal and that’s it.

Flickr: Adrigu

While it is ok every now and then, it should not be used as a regular substitute for a good dinner. You can still make a great meal, eat it in front of the TV and have your own TV dinner, right?

9. Buffets

When you think about buffets you might at first think that is a great idea. You have tons of food you can choose from on a single table, amazing, right? Not that fast!

Buffets are basically high amounts of low-quality food or overcooked food you shouldn’t really it. And guess what, we also owe this invention to baby boomer America!

10. Chain Restaurants

Another food invention we really didn’t need are the chain restaurants. Do we have to mention these places can be called anything but a real restaurant? The quality of food served there will certainly be worse than of any average local restaurant.

Luckily, today the chain restaurants are seeing a decline in popularity due to the lack of millennial attendance. But, as you can imagine baby boomers were all about chain restaurants back in their time.

11. Cornflakes

Well if anything, we can clearly state that cornflakes are definitely the most boring cereal in the world. Toasted corn flakes that have no taste and lose their texture as soon as they touch milk. Why would one eat them, really?

But, they seem to be baby boomers favorite meal to have for breakfast. There’s not even a way to make them more tasty. Cornflakes just have to be swapped with another cereal, that’s it. Please, baby boomers, stop buying these!

12. Canned Soup

While homemade soup is one of the healthiest things you can eat, it is also one of the easiest things to make. It is also very tasty and it can be served before any meal. But baby boomers seemed to be lazy to make homemade soups, so instead they wanted it canned!

Flickr: Joebehr

The canned soup, a full of preservatives soup with a beautiful taste of aluminium, has made a long way to the fridges of baby boomers. And they still won’t let the canned soup go! Make it on your own, for God’s sake!

13. Meat and Potatoes

Ok, now you might be wondering, what is wrong with this combination? After everything else we just listed here, this might seem as the most delicious meal every. However, baby boomers used to eat it in great quantities and just like this: meat and potatoes.

Doesn’t this plate scream for some healthy veggies, or it’s just me? Anything leafy and green would make this dish a bit more bearable. Baby boomers, add greens to your meals!

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