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The Unusual Groups Of Animals Whose Names You Didn’t Know

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Naming groups of animals or their babies is sometimes really challenging. And when you think you finally remembered all the funny animal groups, another one pops up!

Well, that’s why we wanted to list out some that completely surprised us the most. Who is the man that gave such bizarre names to animals when they’re together?! Who knows. We thank this man, as discovering new terms is extremely amusing for us.

So, let’s start!

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A Group Of Cats

Cats are a common house pet for a great deal of people. People will have only one or two cats, and they aren’t usually seen in groups. Have you ever wondered what a group of cats is called? People usually answer with ‘glare,’ but this is untrue. A group of cats is actually called a Clowder.

A Group Of Ravens

These birds are known for their shrill caws. Some people get creeped out at just the sight of too many in one space. Ravens are called an “unkindness” or “conspiracy.” Well, considering the old horror story by Edgar Allen Poe, both names seem fitting.

A Group Of Vultures

Vultures are one of the few raptors known to be social and can be seen feeding, flying, and roosting in large groups. Depending on the situation, a group of them may be called a different name. Some of the names for a group include committee, venue or volt. Unsurprisingly a group of Vultures tearing at a carcass are known as a ‘wake’.

A Group Of Giraffes

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When you think of giraffes, the fact that they move in groups comes to mind. One might conclude a gathering of them would constitute a ‘herd.’ These creatures go by two different names when in a large congregation. When they are still, they are known as a tower, perhaps not surprising, considering their height. In motion, a group is called a jenny.

A Group Of Tigers

Although they are known for being solitary, human influence on the environment may force them to adapt and form unnatural social groups. These groups are known as an ‘ambush’ or ‘streak.’ The name also applies to a tigress and her cubs.

A Group Of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are a strange type of aquatic creature. They do not possess brains, hearts, ears, eyes, or a nose. They are composed almost entirely of water. Groups of jellyfish are known a couple of names. They can be called a bloom, swarm, or smack.

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