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9 Facts About Grumpy Cat You Never Knew

grumpy cat

Flickr: Paul Anderson

Whether the celebrity we admire is a human that walks on two legs or a pet that walks on four, it is still disheartening to learn of their passing. The famous feline we know as Grumpy Cat recently passed away from health issues.

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To honor the cat that gave us nearly a decade of giggles and outburst of laughter, here are a couple of facts celebrating our favorite whiskered friend:

1. Grumpy Cat’s Origins are Pretty Normal

When I found my late cat, Mr. Pickles, I could not fathom what breeds he was at all. I later found out only one-half of the breeds he was. The family of Grumpy knows for a fact that her mother is of the Calico breed. But when it comes to the father’s DNA, they cannot be sure.

Whoever her dad was, it’s likely he contributed some of his features to his offspring’s unique look.

2. The Reason for the Unique Look

Grumpy Cat was an adorable little furball, wasn’t she? That adorable size is thanks to a genetic condition known as ‘feline dwarfism.’ Additionally, some of the facial features are thanks to a well-placed underbite. It was when a picture of her face was posted on Reddit by her human Brian that the feline became internet famous in the latter half of 2012.

That, folks, is proof that even a cat that isn’t traditionally cute can still get famous.

3. She Has a Sibling

While our favorite Grumpy Cat was indeed famous, she had a lesser-known brother their humans named Pokey. The black and white sibling is also a carrier for feline dwarfism, giving him the same small stature his sister had. “He’s super cute and short too,” said his human, Tabatha. “His face isn’t as frowny as hers, but he does have an underbite.”

4. The “Grumpy Cat” Moniker is Just a Name

Like dogs, sometimes even the most seemingly aggressive feline breeds are not always what they seem. Her humans tout her as a very lovable cat that loves to play from behind the living room curtains. That my wife and I called “Assassin Cat” whenever our cats hid behind the tablecloth.

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“She’s super frisky, especially between 3 and 6 a.m. – when you’re trying to get your deepest sleep, she’s wanting to play,” Tabatha noted that when it came to her brother, Pokey was the grumpier of the two.

I know your pain, Tabatha.

5. Her Real Name has a Funny Origin

She may be known to the public as “Grumpy Cat” but her humans know her as Tardar Sauce. While Tabatha was working as a waitress at Red Lobster, she had come to know tartar sauce well by its orange color. “She thought Grumpy looked like tartar sauce,” the woman said of her daughter choosing their pet cat’s name.

The name was inspired by Tabatha’s attempt to get her daughter to try the side.

6. Nicknames are Just as Good

My family recently welcomed a new addition to the family who came known as Mr. Spooky. While that may have been his name when he arrived, he’s come to respond to a variety of nicknames we’ve come up with.

Grumpy’s family has said that Tardar also responded to Grumpy as much, if not more, than her given name. “It was pretty much Grumpy all the time,” one of them stated.

7. Don’t Worry About The Traveling She Did

Grumpy Cat did more traveling than is typically normal when she was still with us. Some people online felt like it was too traumatic for Tardar to be going everywhere with her human. “I didn’t feel that she was being abused or exploited by traveling,” Tabatha said of her furbaby. “I felt like she would get excited, knowing she was about to travel. When the carrier came out, she walked right into it.”

As a fellow cat owner, I know how hard it is to get them into a carrier. My wife and I have to bribe ours with treats to hop in.

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8. The Family’s Heard Some Weird Rumors

Some people online might think the cat spent most of her life in front of cameras, which the family explicitly states is not true. Others have said the cat was drugged into compliance. “She never had been at any point,” stated Tabatha’s brother, Bryan. “She slept during the day, which is why she always seemed so tired.”

9. She had Some Stipulations in Her Contract

Her contract stated that Tardar’s health and safety would be of paramount importance. But, according to Tabatha, each event would have to provide “bottles of water and a cool place to sit.

Rest easy across the rainbow bridge, Tardar Sauce. You’ll get all the Friskies you want, kitty.

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