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This Church In Copenhagen Is One Of The Most Astonishing Buildings In Europe

When a person hears the word ‘church,’ what comes to mind is crosses, communion, and of god-themed songs. Churches are usually as a center for religious groups to gather and practice their faith. No one ever thinks about a church style of construction, but a great deal of thought goes into it.

Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen in an interesting piece of architecture. Construction of the church was begun by Master Builder and architect Peder Vilhem Jensen-Klint. Built to honor Danish poet and politician N. F. S.Grundtvig, Kaare Klint finished construction on the structure after his father’s passing. The full project was not officially completed until 1940.

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Jensen-Klint found Grundtvig to be a huge inspiration in his work, and it’s obvious when you see inside of it.

The church has the classic pointed archways that are prominent in Gothic Style combined with large towering columns. Amazingly, the church is 259 feet long and a towering 72 feet tall. Although Klint was used to using red brick material, he began to use traditional Danish yellow bricks to construct the church. It took six million yellow bricks to construct Grundtvig’s Church.

Grundtvig himself was not a religious man, as are most philosophers. So you should not expect to see any crosses or surprise paintings of the Virgin Mary. Located on the small hill, Bispebjerg Bakke, you can see locals and tourists alike flocking to the location to explore the larger structure in further detail.

The color yellow was chosen for a specific reason. If you couldn’t tell from building’s intended purpose, the color was chosen to represent ascension.

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Even if you are not religious, you can take the time to appreciate the beauty of a well-built structure that incorporates multiple styles.
Do you know of a church that is beautiful for its architecture alone?

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