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Habits Of Highly Organized People

People are always finding it hard to get organized, myself included. With all the goings-on of our lives, it seems we never have the time to sit down and plan things out. A calendar does not always help us organize our lives, so what else is there?

Despite what you or I may feel, there are ways to organize our lives and make things a little less hectic. Here are a few methods the most organized people use to stay on top:

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1. All About Routine

The most organized of us have daily routines that can sometimes be divided into smaller routines. If you are running on a hectic schedule, it helps to set aside a bit of time even if just for ten minutes.

Choose something that needs doing such as sorting through mail, taking out recycling, or vacuuming and dedicate those ten minutes to it. Stick to this as best you can, for as long as you can.

It takes us, humans, about three weeks to develop a habit, so if you stick with it till then, it may become second nature.

2. They Know to Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help and there is no shame in asking if and when it is necessary. Organized people are acutely aware of both their strengths and weaknesses, giving them perspective on how and when to ask for help.

What’s wrong with not asking for help? If you consider your own time valuable, then it is very important you ask for help so time and energy is not wanted. Not asking for help can also bring you unnecessary stress that could have been avoided.

3. To-do Lists Always Current

While being organized and efficient seems almost robotic from an outside perspective, it takes time and planning to make things look so effortless. Keep organized by putting together a to-do list.

Keep a notebook or notepad on you at all times, checking things off as you get them done.

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If you’re not one to write things down, you can use your handheld’s assistant to help you put together a list. You use the note function on your handheld and even have your virtual assistant set alarms to remind you of certain tasks.

Keep your list updated as you move. You’ll stay on top of important tasks and everything will be managed in an orderly fashion.

4. Everything Has Its Place

For most of us, there is no true order to how things are laid out in our place. Our places may appear to others like things were just thrown into place. You can break that common habit by designating and setting things in their proper place.

With extra time dedicated to organizing things, you’ll have more time for other things.

5. Use Tech To Their Advantage

With how widely available the internet is, can you imagine a 24-hour period without it? There are thousands of tools, apps, and other software dedicated to making different aspects of our lives easier.

It takes time to find the right ones, but there are many that can help one maintain focus, organization, and productivity. Evernote, which I’ve used personally, is an excellent free app for creating to-do lists.

ProofHub is similar to Evernote in the organization but allows for entire project management from the screen of your phone. It keeps you updated about the progress of each project and offers communication with your team if you have one.

6. Nothing Ever Undone

You ever start a project, get halfway through it, and simply leave it undone indefinitely? This is one thing that really organized people do not do. Leaving things midway can waste more time in the future.

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Need another hour on that phone call? Is there an important e-mail to be sent? If more important than other tasks, it’s best to get them done quickly so you won’t have them looming over you.

Don’t have the time to do it yourself? Enlist the help of another person to get the task done so it is not left unfinished.

7. Things Aren’t Complicated

Highly organized people have a crystal clear direction. They know what needs to be done and they do it simply and effectively. There’s no need to give multiple steps to something that doesn’t need them.

Structure a simple plan for completing your tasks and things shouldn’t pile up.

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