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It’s Final: HBO orders Game Of Thrones Prequel ‘House Of The Dragon’

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Surprisingly, HBO’s Game of Thrones is still the talk of the town and on top of news headlines several months after the season finale.

The fantasy series has been dominating TV screens, making and breaking news from all corners of the world.

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The creators of this House Targaryen-focused drama, including David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, stepped away from their deal of making the ‘Star Wars’ series and canceled HBO’s GoT, then followed a trilogy order for a different drama altogether dubbed ‘House of the Dragon.’

However, as hard as the move may seem, HBO had a wide range of choices to pick the next new series from, which would then be lead to the most concern.

House Of The Dragon

On the other hand, trading the ‘Game of Thrones’ series for ‘House of the Dragon’ seems like a smart move for the premium cable networks.

Anyways, Casey Bloys, who is HBO’s president of programming, pronounced in 2018 that the company had many prequel concepts coming in, so the move doesn’t mean there was a lack of content they could choose from to replace GoT.

The concern is the difference in the previous project and the one that is set to be. It was reported on 29th October that a series starring Naomi Watt and written by Jane Goldman, a scriptwriter – who was also the showrunner – had been annulled, in spite of the pilot having been wrapped.

Although little is known about HBO’s upcoming series, they had hinted that the annulled sequel was set 5000 years before Game of Thrones’ events.

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House of the Dragon, on the other hand, is considered a check on the Westeros’ a lineage from the beautiful Age of Heroes hooked on the duskiest hour.

Here is what happened, HBO has laid off the first Game of Thrones prequel and put a green light for a completely new series that’s closely linked to characters and a story we all know about and love.

The Best Part

The exciting part of it is that the upcoming prequel will be so full of dragon action, following the official name of the show ‘House of the Dragon.’ 

Initially, a pilot was ordered for the spin-off Bloodmoon, starring Naomi Watts, but it was explicitly killed off in favor of ‘House of the Dragon,’ which is set 300 years before happenings of the sensational ‘fantasy’ series. The show is based on the rise and fall of the House Targaryen.

The story behind ‘House of the Dragon’ is based on the book Fire & Blood, which was authored by Game of Thrones’ playwright George R.R. Martin as a co-creator for the show with Ryan Condal. Ryan also works as the showrunner on a series set to be exclusive to Foxtel in Australia.

House Of The Dragon: Pilot Episode

The director of the pilot, as well as many other episodes of House of the Dragon,  would be a veteran Miguel Sapochnik of GoT. Miguel also directed several other epic episodes in the history of shows such as ‘The Long Night,’ ‘Battle of the Bastards’, and ‘Hardhome.’

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Bloodmoon, a show that was set thousands of years before the events of GoT and re-counted the start of White Walkers, and the last shooting of a pilot done in Italy in the previous month or two, all the same, it didn’t get a greenlight.

It has been reported that HBO bosses liked the idea of the House of the Dragon since it recognized the history written by Martin to serve as a pillar for the story.

Fans are receiving the news of this new prequel are excited given that this comes just a couple of months after the removal of the Game of Thrones.

House Of The Dragon: Conclusion

Although HBO axed it, the Game of Thrones is still available for streaming on Foxtel. After a series of fascinating stories of the history of House Targaryen, the show aired its eighth and season finale in May.

The ‘House of the Dragon’ series is set to explore the depth of Targaryens’ power after the ancestor of Jon Snow and Daenerys, known as Aegon the Conqueror, attacked Westeros using his dragons and then united it under the Iron Throne, making it to the history books as the first Lord of Seven Kingdoms.

The book further points out that Aegon united the Seven Kingdoms since he foresaw the Westeros would need protection against the White Walkers.

Other things you can predict are weird, for instance, incest, with Aegon marrying two of his sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya. In May, Martin wrote a blog post hinting about working on several other shows with one being on the book Fire & Blood.

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