15 Healthy Shots To Energize Your Day And Boost Your Immune System

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People drinking too many shots of tequila or rum, left shots without a good reputation. Most of the people that drank them were traumatized by the effect of these shot in the morning after. But what if we told you that you can really get to love shots again? And that we’re talking about shots that are actually good for you!

Fast-paced lifestyles are getting very common nowadays and often, the consequence of it is that we neglect our diet and eat foods that aren’t really healthy. Not providing our bodies with a good intake of vitamins and minerals can affect our immune system and lead to feeling tired, having a bad mood or even some chronic health conditions.

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These health-boosting shots will provide you with a concentrated dose of healthy nutrients and make you feel more strong.

The best way to prepare them is to combine the ingredients you want to benefit from, juice or blend them and store them in your fridge. Just take a quick shot in the morning and don’t forget to have breakfast, as these elixirs of health aren’t supposed to replace your meals.

Even though you can’t go wrong with juicing any fruits or veggies, choosing the right shot combination for you will make sure you get the benefits that you really need. Let’s find out which shot is for you!

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