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This Breathtaking Cave Is Being Called ‘Heaven’s Gate’ For Good Reason

You probably saw different videos or photos of people walking over a thousand meters high glass walkways. It is one of the amazing things you can experience at the Tianmen Mountain, China.

This nature’s work of art is located within Tianmen Mountain National Park called Zhangjiajie, in the northwestern part of Hunan Province. The height of Tianmen is 1518 meters, and this mountain has the world’s highest cave.

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The cave was formed in 263 AD as a result of erosion. For its almost fictional appearance, it has been called “Heaven’s Gate”. What makes it even more unimaginable is that it’s constantly shrouded in clouds.

The stairway of 999 steps, a supreme number of the Chinese emperor Tao, leads to the foot of the cave.

Locals maintain a belief that the mountain itself and its “Heaven’s gate” have mystical powers. According to Chinese sources, in the 20th century, sudden waterfalls occurred at the height of 1500 meters, the water flow lasted for only 15 minutes and disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Supposedly, this occurred in the year that has shown to be of great importance of China.

Apart from its natural breathtaking perks, it also has amazing manmade features: glass walkway, long serpentine road, a cableway, and a temple.

Being at the altitude of 1420 meters, the glass Sky Walk is not advisable to the faint-hearted tourists. The Tianmen Mountain is also a home to the longest and highest cableway in the world built by a French company.

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If you want to reach this natural wonder by car, the road Tuntyan or the road with 99 bends, is a perfect way to visit the Tianmen beauty. It is a highway that has one of the steepest mountain serpentines in the world.

Reportedly, this natural work of art was the prototype of the flying islands of Pandora in the movie “Avatar”. We’re not surprised, as these landscapes really seem like they’re out of this world.

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