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Once Again Heidi Klum Proves She’s The One And Only Halloween Queen

Halloween is widely celebrated across the United States, in Ireland, England, and a few other countries. It occurs on October 31, and costumed children going trick-or-treating, getting candy from each house as they go door to door. As adults, we really want our costumes to be fun and sometimes a little crazy.

When you’re a celebrity and you throw an annual Halloween party, you have to step up your game every time people see you in your next costume.

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Heidi Klum, model, and America’s Got Talent judge, has thrown a party on Halloween every year since 2000. One of her most important rules when it comes to her annual bash? “No costume, no entry.” Guests can thank Prince Andrew, the Duke of York for that rule existing.

Every guest that attends the party “goes all out” with their costumes, as Heidi puts it. Knowing that her guests were going to be dressed in their best costumes and ghoulish make-up, she had to outdo her previous costume.

Before, Heidi Klum paid homage to the king of pop, Michael Jackson, by dressing as a werewolf. Giving a nod to the artist’s song ‘Thriller’, the model had her own posse of zombies to do the steps to the dance with her.

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I Love you Shrek ❤️

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This year in 2018, the costume was even crazier. Have you ever looked at a 3D movie character and wondered “What would they look like in real life?” The AGT judge answered that question by bringing to life ogre Fiona from the Dreamworks movie Shrek.

Covered up in the make-up and heavy prosthetics, you wouldn’t recognize Heidi if you didn’t already know it was her. It was only natural that her boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, come to the bash dressed as the princess’s other half, Shrek.

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The costumes only get more elaborate as time goes on. It’ll be interesting to see what the supermodel comes up with next.

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