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After Hearing A Noise From Within A Wooden Dresser He Just Bought, This Man Discovered A Hidden Compartment Full With Valuable Treasures

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What makes yard sales fun is the fact that you never know what you can expect to find and what you will end up buying. The bargain prices also make them even more attractive. You can always find a treasure that lost value to its previous owner, and that can now end up in your arms. If you’re a fan of antique rare items, you must have visited plenty of yard sales so far.

One of these antique treasure hunters is Emil Knodell, and he was browsing this yard sale until he saw what he was looking for. He bought a beautiful old dresser but when he was about to move it, he heard something in the drawer. The noises coming from the dresser were really intriguing, and he couldn’t help but immediately open its drawers. What he found inside wasn’t definitely something he was bargaining for and it definitely made his day.

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1. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Emil Knodell, a 67-year-old from Texas, is a retired marketing director and US veteran. But he seems to have also a passion for treasure hunting. Browsing around the estate and yard sales is his favorite way to spend his free time. Even if he found plenty of rare pieces so far, this time, the valuable items someone tossed out in the drawer of the dresser will make Emil especially happy.

During one of his scouring quests, he ended up on a yard sale in the city of Missouri City, Texas. At first, the yard sale looked like just another regular sale, but at the time he could not even imagine what he was about to discover. He will find something incredible that might even change his life forever, making his story a nationwide sensation.

2. Unlikely Odds

The odds of finding a rare antique or valuable steal at a low price are very low. Emil Knodell was more than aware of this, but it seemed that the estate sale he came across that day wasn’t just a regular one. It turned out that the sale was organized by a company called Premier Estates Sales Network.

Being their primary focus, the company knew how to run estate sales, and would, therefore, make sure that everything is sold at the price of its real value. They wouldn’t really let anyone accidentally buy a very valuable item just because of a stupid error. That’s why Emil’s story is even more special. The odds of finding what he did were really, really small.

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3. Keeping an Open Mind

However, all of it didn’t stop Emil from eventually hunting his best find ever. Even though the agency did everything to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks at the estate sale, they did overlook the treasures hidden in a drawer of an antique dresser.

“I always come to a sale with an open mind because you never know,” Emil Knodell later told reporters. Emil’s attitude must have attracted this rare find. However, even the attitude can’t guarantee you to find treasures like this each time. But in this case, it definitely helped him in buying the best item on the sale.

4. A Sharp Eye

Luckily for Emil, what caught his eye will soon reveal treasures he wasn’t hoping for. An antique wooden dresser caught his attention. The dresser was dating back to the 1890s and had a marble top and three wooden drawers. It didn’t seem like a really special one, but it will turn out to be the most valuable find he ever found.

He was checking all the pieces of the furniture, and it looked to him at first that all of the drawers were empty. Even if the dresser wasn’t especially unique, there was still something about it that made Emil not want to lose it. He decided to buy it, and it turned out, he was very lucky for doing it.

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5. Price Drop

As if Emil’s story wasn’t already incredible enough, luck was about to surprise him once again that day. The day Emil came to the sale was the third day of the estate sale, which meant the dresser has been unobserved by now, and the company now wanted to get rid of all remaining items even at much lower prices.

The antique dresser was estimated at $300 at first, but now, the company was willing to give it away for less than $100! When Emil heard about the dresser’s current price, he knew that this was definitely a perfect catch! But there was still much more that this antique piece will give him, only he wasn’t yet aware of it.

6. A Bargain Price

At this price, the dresser was indeed a deal no bargain shopper would lose. But Emil will soon discover what was really incredible about this antique piece. It held a long-hidden secret inside the drawers that could have been there for decades. The value of the hidden treasure seemed to not be known even from the relatives of the owner.

Emil couldn’t even imagine how lucky he was about to get with his purchase. The old dresser was about to become a jackpot he wasn’t expecting even in his wildest dreams. The lucky purchase led him to earn far more than what he spent. He gained back about 150 times what he paid for the item.

7. The Weird Noise

Emil discovered that there was something else in this dresser, only after he had already purchased it. He tried getting the antique furniture into his car, but it was so bulky that he couldn’t do it on his own. So he asked for help to load the dresser into his truck

Emil wasn’t hoping that by moving the dresser he will discover what the old item was hiding inside. As soon as he moved it a little bit he heard a sound that revealed that something was moving too in the drawers.

8. A Long Hidden Secret

Even though it was quite normal to expect that the dresser would be very heavy as it was made out of wood and marble. But maybe it was still a bit too heavy for an empty dresser. But at first no one suspected anything.

But, as soon as they laid the dresser on its side to move it into the truck, they heard sounds coming from within it. Everyone was puzzled as they all thought it was completely empty. They opened the drawers once again and found again that they were empty.

9. The Wonder Of The Dresser

They checked the dresser once again in order to make sure nothing was there. But they heard those sounds that evidently showed something was inside. There was still no explanation for what caused the sounds from the dresser.

But they couldn’t give up just like that. Now a large crowd gathered to find out what was hiding in the furniture. It was just a matter of time when they will discover where its treasures were hidden.

10. Intriguing Treasure

“As soon as we laid it down, it started making all this racket on the inside,” said Allen, one of the men who was helping move the antique dresser into Emil’s truck. “Obviously we were very intrigued with what was happening with the dresser,” he added.

After making sure that there were no other drawers, and that they were all empty, the group of people suggested that there might be a secret compartment inside of the dresser. But where could it be? Even if they were completely puzzled about not finding the source of those sounds yet, they were determined to solve this mystery.

11. Turning The Dresser

The team decided to lay the dresser on its back, and it turned out that it was exactly what they had to do in order to discover the secret compartment. The treasure was in their plain sight, but still, it was cleverly hidden that no one could ever think that it would be right under their noses.

At the very base of the dresser, there was a plain board that looked like any ordinary piece of wood. But as soon as they turned the dresser upside down, you could clearly see the cut-out of what looked to be a handle. Now they could finally find out what was hiding inside.

12. The Secret Drawer

“When you look at the front of it, it looks like it has three obvious drawers with molding on the base,” explained Emil Knodell. “But the bottom has a secret drawer that opens up.” The group of people was excited to have discovered the perfect hiding space this dresser had. No one would have ever looked there to look for the treasure. And this simple move helped them discover it.

Not even the company noticed that the dresser was maybe a bit too heavy for an empty piece of furniture. It seems that no one ever discovered the hidden drawer as it turned out to be full with priceless antiques. The items inside were long-forgotten treasures that not even the seller’s son knew about.

13. Estate Sales

This particular estate sale which turned out to be a real goldmine for Emil, was being held to auction numerous belongings of a man that recently passed away. Often, these types of sales are organized in order to sell the belongings of a passed person whose families don’t have the room to keep.

Estate sales like these often have valuable antiques at cheap prices as family members of the deceased aren’t often aware of the value of the belongings. That’s exactly what Emil Knodell was lucky enough to stumble upon.

14. The Unobserved Goldmine

Before Emil decided to buy this piece of furniture. Numerous people had inspected the dresser before putting it up for sale. These people weren’t just the members of the deceased man’s family, but professional appraisers have seen the antique piece too. All of them missed the secret compartment of the dresser.

What everyone was asking themselves now is did the deceased man know about the secret drawer? He inherited the dresser from his parents, and it might have been that the treasures inside it were hidden for decades. Still, something even more intriguing will be revealed when the hidden contents will be seen.

15. An Additional Value

Emil Knodell was very lucky to get a lot more than he bargained for. By buying the dresser, he gained the entire treasure that was hiding in the fourth, secret drawer.

The veteran was already very happy with buying the three-drawer dresser and was pleased that its beautiful marble top and molding will now decorate his home. But he ended up having so much more than just that. He was lucky to find a treasure that he could only dream of until that day. But it seems that the hidden drawer was just the beginning.

16. Unexpected Amount Of Treasures

Everyone was waiting impatiently when Emil Knodell and Jeff Allen were about to open the secret drawer. He still didn’t know it, but Emil was about to realize he got much more value for the price of the dresser.

When they finally opened the drawer, people were in awe when the contents of the secret drawer appeared. The amount of the treasures was far more than anyone could have ever imagined. One of the things that were hidden in the drawers were important historical artifacts from American history. Soon, the value of these hidden items will be revealed and everyone at the estate sale will be shocked.

17. Adrenaline Rush

Emil said that opening the secret drawer for the very first time filled him with adrenaline. Everyone was holding their breath in the moment while the drawer was being opened. All of the people hoped that the drawer would be full of gold, and that wasn’t far from what was inside.

The secret drawer was sparkling with gold and jewels. Everyone was in shock for a second. It turned out that the secret compartment was full of priceless items that none of them could have dreamed of.

18. A Paid Off Expertise

It seems that Emil’s expertise in antiques paid off well. He was the first one to discover valuable treasures hidden in what seemed to be quite a regular, antique dresser. The secret drawer was full of jewels, money from all around the world and some old personal memories. But that wasn’t it.

Some items dated back to the Civil War, including military medals and dog tags. One of the most bizarre items was a perfectly preserved lock of hair. Those must have been the best $100 Emil has ever spent. He gained so much more than a simple, wooden dresser.

19. The Big Return

Not all of the items in the secret drawer were professionally appraised, but still, the worth estimate of all of them was at least $15,000. All of it for a single $100 purchase.

The initial estimates of the age of the dresser turned out to be pretty accurate. The dresser dated back to around 1890. However, it might have been even older considering the items that were dating back to the Civil War. What Emil decided to do with treasures he found, will make his story even more incredible.

20. A Dilemma

Now that Emil found out what this secret drawer was filled with, he was wondering what to do with it. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to sell it all and keep the money as a profit from his lucky purchase. But he was asking himself, was that a morally correct thing to do?

Technically, he only purchased the dresser, no matter the disregard of the company or the deceased man’s family, and not the contents hidden inside it. He asked himself, to whom did the treasures belong?

21. Too Good To Be True

The scenario Emil found himself in, faced him with a big dilemma. The question was if he should either keep the priceless items for himself or return them back.

A lot of people had already seen Emil open the secret drawer and discovering the treasure, and he could have easily kept all the findings to himself. But for Emil, as soon as this dilemma crossed his mind, he knew what he had to do and he didn’t even think twice about it.

22. No Ordinary Man

Emil Knodell knew that he wouldn’t feel good by playing the ‘finders, keepers’ attitude. Most of people might have just taken all of the loot and enjoy the amazing profit they could get for the items. Emil just wasn’t this kind of man.

Being a US veteran, he had a strong moral compass and he always strives to do the right thing. So, what will Emil finally do with all the antique treasure worth at least $15,000?

23. The Right Thing To Do

Emil Knodell decided what he believed was the only right thing to do. He immediately returned all of the items to the estate sale, and now it was to be decided what to do with it all.

“I bought the chest [of] drawers. I didn’t buy those things,” Emil said. “If I kept them, I would never feel right about it. There would be a cloud over the whole thing. It’s a feeling more than anything else.” Emil’s sense of right and wrong helped him in making the right decision. It was beautiful to see a man not being greedy at the huge fortune he was lucky to stumble upon.

24. The Rightful Owner

Jeff Allen, the man that was helping Emil load the dresser into his car, felt exactly the same. He said there was no doubt on if Emil should or should not keep the treasure. They both thought the right thing to do is to return the treasures to their rightful owner.

Owner of the hidden treasure was the executor of the estate where the sale was taking place. So, luckily he was easy to find. He was also in shock to find out about the items inside the drawer.

25. Grateful And Happy

The owner of the famous dresser recalled seeing the piece in his grandparents’ house in Michigan. But he admitted that he could never imagine that it could contain a secret drawer full with valuables and treasures. He was more than grateful that Emil decided to return all of the items instead of keeping them.

“I’m an old ex-Marine, and I try to do the right thing,” Emil later told reporters. He said that at the moment he found the treasure, he immediately said that they should call the owner. He said that while it was a fantastic find he won’t stumble upon again, it still wasn’t his to keep.

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