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You Learned About These 30 Historical Figures In School, But Teachers Never Told You Their Dirty Secrets

History classes are all about famous historical people and their achievements. From inventors to artists, everyone made a way in history and shaped the world as we know it today. Although classes are focused on individual accomplishments and glorification of famous people and their strengths, history classes tend to miss just how some of them were unusual.

They had secrets, and some of them had unusual practices to get them through the day. Some of their habits will surprise you, some will shock you, and some will make you feel sick. With that in mind, here are 30 of the weirdest habits held by historical people.

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30. Michelangelo Didn’t Bathe

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni or simply best known as Michelangelo is known for his fantastic work of the Sistine Chapel, and superb artistic portfolio. However, in one department, he was terrible.

This famous artist had poor hygiene habits. He barely bath, and spend the majority of his life wearing the same clothes.

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29. Martin Luther Ate What His Body Produced

Martin Luther led the Protestant Reformation because he disliked the practices of the Catholic Church. Eventually, he founded the Lutheran Church. Many followed him for his wisdom and leadership.

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Despite his wisdom, Martin had one rather disgusting habit. He ate a spoon of his waste regularly because he believed that it would improve his health.

NEXT: This writer had an unusual bedtime practice.

28. Charles Dickens Combed His Hair A Lot

Charles Dickens wrote some of the best classics, ever, including Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and A Christmas Carol. Apparently, this famous author had an unusual habit.

He would spend an impressive amount of time, merely combing his hair. He hated having stray strands, so he combed his mane at least a hundred times daily.

NEXT: This leader dated a lot, and he had a specific dating group.

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27. Benjamin Franklin Dated Cougars Only

Benjamin Franklin was a busy person. Being a Founding Father of the United States is a 24/7 job. Plus, he was also credited for discovering electricity, founding the University of Pennsylvania, and inventing bifocals.

He is also known for having a clear preference when it came to his personal life and dating. Apparently, Franklin loved dating older women and older women only.

NEXT: This lady had drinking and writing practice.

26. Maya Angelou Could Never Write At Home

‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ author and poet, Maya Angelou never wrote her pieces at home. According to History.com, she preferred to write her work far away from home.

Therefore, she would always choose ‘tiny, mean’ hotel rooms. She would always bring her tools with her, including sherry and a deck of cards.

NEXT: The next person was a real animal lover.

25. Caged Birds Made Leonardo da Vinci Heartbroken

Leonardo da Vinci was proficient in music, art, biology, anatomy, sculpting, engineering, and much more. He was very harsh toward humans, but he had a soft heart toward animals. He loved animals so much that he couldn’t stand seeing them caged.

It’s said that he used to buy caged birds anytime he would see one so that he could free them. He was also a vegetarian.

NEXT: The following artist had to take one item from fans every time.

24. Salvador Dalí Was A Pen Stealer

Salvador Dalí was a real eccentric persona. Just one look on him, and his unusual appearance reflected his colorful mind. His moves and interaction with people were as uncommon as his appearance.

According to people from his period, Salvador would often steal a pen from his fans, whenever they would ask him for an autograph. He would always sign an autograph, and then he would take the pen.

NEXT: This famous composer was head over heels for coffee.

23. Beethoven Had To Count Out Beans To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Creativity comes with unusual habits. Beethoven was no exception. Ludwig Van Beethoven could start his morning only when he brewed 60 beans exactly for his coffee.

Also, he would walk around inside his room while water onto his own hands and humming.

NEXT: This painter loved time capsules.

22. Andy Warhol Created Creepy Time Capsules

Andy Warhol contributed massively to the world of pop art during the 1960s. Next to fantastic art, he also found time to create time capsules on a monthly level.

His capsules were filled with strange content, including a foot that has been mummified and boots that once belonged to Clark Gable.

NEXT: This famous pianist was a real acrobat.

21. Stravinsky Loved Headstands

Igor Stravinsky is one of the most influential figures in musical history. Before he embraced the world of music, he was a lawyer. To channel his creativity, he had an exciting morning routine.

Each morning he would spend between 10 to 15 minutes in a headstand. He believed that this helps him clear his head. Once he was done with headstands, he would be ready to compose music.

NEXT: This French philosopher preferred unusual living locations to survive.

20. Voltaire Preferred To Live Near A Country’s Borders

Voltaire was a French philosopher, writer, and historian. He was very vocal and, in his period, time of 1734, very controversial, and even dangerous for the government and Parliament. At one moment, they wanted him arrested.

One time he stayed near a French border at friends chateau in Cirey, which enable him to escape the authorities. From that moment on, he lived exclusively near the border.

NEXT: This scientist stayed far from human intimacy for a good reason.

19. Nikola Tesla Lived In Celibacy

To get his creative juices running, Nikola Tesla choose to live in celibacy. He believed that he needs to focus all of his energy into his professional goals.

Any other goal was needless. In his later years, Nikola claimed that he made the right decision. He died as a bachelor.

NEXT: This ruler believed that he is a wolf.

18. Charles VI Of France Believed He Is A Wolf

Charles VI of France reigned over France, and during his time, he managed to restore a shining reputation to the te crown. Because of that, he was named ‘Charles the Beloved.’ However, in his 20s, Charles started showing the signs of psychosis, which eventually lead to a series of awkward behaviors and actions.

Eventually, ‘Charles the Beloved’ was named ‘Charles the Mad.’ During one of his many episodes, he believed that he is a wolf made of glass. During those episodes, he would chase the guests and howl at them. If anyone touched him, he would panic. He was scared that he would shatter.

NEXT: This famous leader loved to be naked.

17. Churchill Liked To Be Naked

British prime minister Winston Churchill loved to be naked. Nothing strange about being naked in your home, right? However, Churchill loved to be exposed in his office. He was naked so often that many walked in saw him in the buff.

When Winston visited the White House, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt entered the prime minister’s room, he found him with no clothes on, freshly bathed, and pink.

NEXT: This artist preferred to be dressed but never left home without one dangerous item.

16. Picasso Always Had A Gun With Him

Pablo Picasso is responsible for starting the Cubist movement. Without him, the world would lose so much. Surprisingly, the famous painter was ready to lose his freedom at any moment. He always carried a gun with him in case anyone annoys him.

Whenever he would become irritated by people asking too much, he would take the gun out, just to make them quiet. Luckily, the gun was filled with blanks.

NEXT: This lady lied about her age.

15. Frida Kahlo Lied About Her Age

Frida Kahlo loved Mexican rich culture, and she aimed to demonstrate its beauty in every work. She was also very straight forward and in front of her time. Occasionally she would say a white lie regarding her age.

So, whenever someone asked her when she was born, she would reply 1910 instead of 1907. In 1910, the Mexican revolution occurred.

NEXT: This guy was a real cat lady.

14. Stanley Kubrick Had 16 Cats

Director Stanley Kubrick was a real-life cat lady. He had not one or two but 16 cats. He was one of the most demanding and complicated directors, with a scary personality. However, once he was home, he cuddled with his 16 cats.

He was a real animal lover that, at one point, he had 16 felines, four donkeys, and seven golden retrievers.

NEXT: This queen often pretended to be a peasant

13. Marie Antoinette Loved To Dress As A Peasant

Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France and Navarre, and she made a reputation by spending big. She just loved to spend. Her spendings were so high that her subjects blamed her for an economic downturn in France.

She was also named ‘Queen’s Hamlet’ because, at one point, she loved to dress as a peasant and go to the village. She even lived as a peasant for days. She even milked cows and sheep.

NEXT: This English King never went to bathroom alone.

12. Henry VIII Always Had Someone With Him In The Bathroom

King Henry VIII is mostly known for his string of wives. Some of them he even had beheaded. Allegedly he had no shame. He also hired people to follow him to the toilet and wipe him.

Those staffers were always males, and they were called the Grooms of Stool. Every Groomer was later knighted. Sounds earned.

NEXT: He was afraid to be seen naked.

11. Ulysses S. Grant Didn’t Like People Seeing Him Naked

Ulysses S. Grant was one of the crucial figures during the Civil War. During this war, he showed an enormous amount of courage. However, once he became the 18th U.S. president, one of his biggest fears was discovered.

It turns out that Ulysses S. Grant loved privacy in the bathroom. In the 19th century, it was typical for someone of Grant’s status to have servants to clothe him and bath. He never bathe together with soldiers in the barracks, although it was common as well.

NEXT: This poet loved to read his poetry to his dog.

10. William Wadsworth’s Dog Loved Poetry

Poetry students are familiar with the work of William Wadsworth. He published numerous anthologies and reviews. Many talk about his writing style, but no one tells about one unusual fact – that Willian loved to read poems to his dog.

That was the last step before final editing. He would read aloud to his dog. If the dog reacts audibly or barks, William would rewrite the piece.

NEXT: This historical person couldn’t talk in front of people.

9. Henry Cavendish Used Notes To Communicate

Henry Cavendish was a famous English physicist who discovered hydrogen. He was also an extremely shy person. Not even his popularity could inspire him to talk with people tet a tet.

He felt awkward his entire life, so he did everything that he could to avoid personal interaction with others. Therefore, he spoke to people and especially his housemaids, through notes.

NEXT: This famous actor shocked everyone with his auditions.

8. Charlie Chaplin Had A Very Bizzare Audition Process

Charlie Chaplin ruled the world of silent movies. Also, he is one of the greatest movie stars ever. Although he was often funny and ironic, he also had a big secret when it comes to the audition process.

According to close sources, Chaplin always required female actors to get naked before he gave them the script. That helped him decide who his next start would be.

NEXT: This writer always had a rope with him, for most strange reason ever.

7. Hans Christian Andersen Always Carried Rope

If you never heard of Hans Christian Andersen, you have probably heard of some of his most famous pieces, including The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid. His stories usually have happy endings, but he was always living in fear.

Hans was scared that he would be caught in a hotel fire. Therefore, he always carried with him a rope so he could escape the fire.

NEXT: This inventor was scared of light.

6. Alexander Graham Bell Had A Fear Of Moonbeams

Today, we are keeping our eyes and skin covered from the sun’s hard UV rays. Interestingly, the inventor and founder of AT&T, Alexander Graham Bell, had a big fear from moonbeams.

His windows were covered continuously. For him, that was the only way to keep the light away from his house.

NEXT: This writer barely used his hands to write

5. William Faulkner Typed With His Toes

William Faulkner had a productive literature work. He wrote various short stories, novels, poems, and essays. He even wrote one play. William managed to write all of this with a very unusual typing style.

He would place his hands inside his footwear and start typing with the use of his toes.

NEXT: This writer had a routine that included specific food.

4. Franz Kafka Had His Cake

Franz Kafka had a proven method that got him to work every single time. Apparently, after writing work down, he would reward himself with the upside-down pineapple cake.

Whenever he would finish the story, he would treat himself. Moreover, he would never share a bite with anyone. Not even a single bite.

NEXT: This U.S. President Loved To Touch People

3. Ronald Reagan Had An Unusual Way To Show People That He Liked Them

Presidents are usually well trained in not showing emotions. Therefore, it can ve tricky to know for sure when a president likes someone or not unless the president is Ronald Reagan.

This U.S. President had a unique way of showing people his affection – he would rub their earlobe. It turned out that he had grown up showing affection this way, and it merely continued into his adulthood.

NEXT: This composer always went to bed with this item.

2. Franz Schubert Slept With His Glasses On

It’s almost impossible to find a portrait of Franz Schubert without his glasses. He was always seen wearing his glasses. The reason for this is that famous artist had a terrible vision.

His eyesight was so blurry that he wore the glasses all day long, and night while sleeping.

NEXT: This famous writer really, really, really liked coffee.

1. Honoré de Balzac Really Liked Coffee

Honoré de Balzac had a strict routine. For example, right after dinner, he would go to bed. Then, he would rise at midnight and write until 8 A.M.

To keep this crazy schedule, Balzac drinks daily 50 cups of coffee per day. Interestingly, he didn’t always drink it, but he would crush the beans into a powder and devoured it.

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