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Best Home Remedies For Chapped Lips

The lips are an important part of us and while not everyone may have the problem, dry and chapped lips can become a big problem for some. Each person’s lips are different as are the reasons their lips may lose the moisture that causes the dryness and cracking.

Lip balms help but they often go missing or are misplaced. Is there still a way to take care of those lips without the balm? Here is a list of home remedies you can try with these on-hand ingredients:

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1. Almond Oil

When it comes to maintaining your lip health, almond oil can be considered a powerhouse. The Vitamin E it contains has a whole host of health benefits. Not only does it protect the skin from UV radiation, but it’s wonderful to help skin stay smooth.

It’s also great for irritated and chapped skin. Just put a few drops on your lips, cover accordingly and wipe away the excess.

2. Coconut Oil

According to Dr. Lauren E. Adams, coconut oil “has anti-staphylococcal properties which may help prevent bacterial superinfection of very chapped lips.”
I can attest to the coconut oil doing wonders for the lips. After reading about proper lip care in a handful of health journals, I followed a simple recipe of brown sugar and coconut oil are great for exfoliating the lips.

The brown sugar scrubs away the dead lip skin and the coconut oil return the lost moisture back to your lips.

3. Cucumber

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The next time you look in your crisping drawer there might be a use for the cucumbers you’ve neglected. Refrain from shoving them into a jar full of vinegar in the hopes of homemade pickles.

Instead, use this very simple method to cure chapped lips: slice up the cucumber. Wipe a piece across your lips and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The parts of your lip that feel most irritated will be soothed immediately.

Just make sure to use something like coconut oil to put the moisture back into your lips.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wondrous plant in the succulent family. There are a variety of plants in the ‘Aloe’ group, but Vera is the most sought after. The ‘gel’ contained in each of its thorny leaves is great for those suffering from sunburns or heat rash. Combined with the right ingredients, it can do wonders for sore muscles and aching joints.

Apply the Aloe Vera ‘gel’ to your lips just before you hop into bed. It can then work its magic as you count sheep throughout the night.

A properly cared for Aloe Vera plant can provide a person with natural ointment for many years.

5. Green Tea Bags

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Green Tea is very popular for the many health benefits people might gain from consuming it. Said to be the healthiest beverage on the planet, there is evidence it improves brain function, boosts metabolism, and helps fight free radicals.

If you are a big fan of green tea, think twice before you toss that steeped bag straight into the trash. Are your lips feeling a little chapped? Before chucking it into the garbage, rub it across your lips an alternative exfoliation method.

Aside from the rich antioxidants, it contains, Medical News Today states that polyphenols, a micronutrient, can even reduce inflammation.”

6. Drink Lots Of Water

This is something I’m guilty of not doing enough of, but I know that maintain a steady level of water intake can aid in keeping the moisture in your lips. Drinking the right amount of water can help prevent you from licking your lips, an action that does more harm than good.

7. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is wonderful on moisturizing the skin on a person’s body, so it is no surprise that it’s a great home remedy for chapped lips. If you have a nice tub of cocoa butter, you can add a very thin layer to your lips to retain their moisture while you sleep.

8. Avoid Spicy And Salty Food

So the other things on the list might be a little easier. Avoiding spicy and salty foods might require more willpower, especially if spicy and salty are your go-to snacks like they are for me.

Salt and spice are notorious for the dehydration they cause in a person’s body, making it extremely easy for your lips to chap. The dehydration may drive you to lick your lips, making the loss of moisture even worse.

9. Turn On A Humidifier At Night

It’s natural for a person’s lips to dry as they sleep. The solution to dry lips while you sleep is pretty simple, especially if you’ve already got a humidifier. Simply have it on in your room, see the moisture return and your lips become less chapped.

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