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How Playing Piano Changed The Life Of This Homeless Veteran

Homelessness is a problem in many parts of the world. We might see them when we go to the grocery store or waiting on a street corner for someone kind enough to share the wealth. The story of why each person is homeless varies, and they should be encouraged to show off their skills, whatever they may be.

Donald Gould was a homeless veteran living in Sarasota, Florida for about six to seven years back since before his viral video was posted on YouTube. He admitted that he gave up on life when the love of his life committed suicide. While in the Marines, Gould played the clarinet for its marching band.

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Back in 2015, the Sarasota Keys Piano pushed out a few pianos in the downtown of Sarasota so that the general public could have a jam session if the mood struck. Then homeless Donald Gould took to playing Come Sail Away by Styx. In the video, viewers can see a small crowd gathered as they snap video and pictures of the man’s fingers gliding across the ivories.

The skill to play the piano was something he learned in his youth, a skill that he had no idea would change his life. Thanks to his viral street performance, the man slowly gained attention across the United States and eventually the world.

Gould had received an invitation to play the National Anthem at a San Francisco 49ers game and was even offered a contract by a producer from Triple Pop Records in Austin.

Donald Gould’s music and story were so touching to German citizen Sabine Perez, that she messaged him about how his music helped calm her handicapped son. They continued to communicate and Gould eventually moved to Germany to be with his new-found love.

It’s not every day we see a homeless person come up from nothing. But, we can see from Donald Gould’s story that with a little bit of help, we can accomplish amazing things and improve our lives in ways we didn’t think possible.

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