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After 30 Years Alone On The Streets, Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Discover True Identity

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At this moment, 550,000 Americans are on the street surviving. They are doing their best to find a shelter and a hot meal. This is how Mick Mayers is living for 30 years already. You maybe saw him or someone similar to him. So, why is this homeless man different?

Because we know his story. His life transformation began with a homeless man, a deputy sheriff, and a random act of kindness that changed homeless man live forever. Read on to see why things are not always as they seem to be and how Mich made people across the globe, rethink their view on homeless people.

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30. In The Beginning

Mick Myers has been homeless and alone for almost 30 years. No one of the California passersby knew his story. And he had so much to say.

When Mick was a baby in arms, he was adopted by a family in San Leandro, California. The family seemed kind.

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29. Hard Life

Mick was an easy-going kid. He played in the school marching band, had friends, and get along with others nicely.

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He had massive support from his adoptive mother, but other family members just couldn’t connect with him.

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28. A Lonely Life

Feeling rejected and not loved enough, Mick loved being on his own. With time, he felt more isolated and became significantly introverted.

The feeling of being alone and isolated followed him his entire life. As he got older, things just grow worse.

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27. Living Alone

Loneliness becomes a massive part of Mick’s life. He later described his situation as “living life as alone as a person could possibly be.”

With time, Mick started losing contact even with the people who cared for him. Overnight he lost all of his high school friends. Then, the worst thing possible happened.

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26. Losing The Most Important People

Just when Mick thought that life can’t go worse, his adoptive parents passed away. With them, any feeling of closeness he had with his adoptive family was gone.

Moreover, his siblings just turned their backs on him, and he was 100% left to find a way to take care of himself.

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25. Life On The Streets

Mick got a job as a truck driver. He spend a lot of time traveling, with minimum chances of making friends or interacting with others.

Eventually, he lost his job and was left with no steady source of income. Suddenly, he had no place to go, no one to turn to, and he had no money. At this point, his life changed from bad to worse.

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24. Begging To Survive

After he lost his job, Mick started living on the streets of San Leandro, California. To afford the very basic and food in his belly, he had to play guitar and panhandle around the East Bay area.

Naturally, panhandling is not enough to get someone off the street, so months turned into years, and years quickly turned into decades. However, his luck was about to change.

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23. Deputy Sheriff Jacob Swalwell

Deputy Sheriff Jacob Swalwell knew Mick. He would often see him when patrolling around the city. Many times he would stop and warn him about bothering people.

However, Mick had no other option to earn money but to play guitar and wait for kind souls to share a dollar with him. Swalwell noticed that no matter how many times he would warn mick about panhandling, he would always return. So, he decided to take specific actions.

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22. Final Warning

Swalwell realized that it was time for an official warning, so he asked Mich to show him his ID. Mick than informed him that he didn’t have one.

Then, Swalwell asked him – ‘Why don’t you have an ID?.’ This simple question opened up a conversation that will change their lives forever.

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21. The Truth Was Out

In just the first few seconds of their conversation, Deputy realized that he was wrong about Myers.

He assumed that Myers was on the street because of alcohol or drug abuse. However, it turned out that some stories are more complicated than expected.

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20. A Change Of Heart

Mick explained to the Deputy that he was on the street because he had no one to call. Moreover, he couldn’t collect social security.

No one can collect social security without an ID. Swalwell knew that he needed to do something. So, he told him: “Well, you’ve got someone to help you now.”

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19. Getting ID Was Challenging

Swalwell had no idea that getting an ID for Mick would turn out to be so challenging. Myers had one paper with him – his old driver’s license. However, since it was a long time ago, DMV erased it.

Furthermore, the newly formed duo leaner that they will have to do massive paperwork. This will eventually lead to more revelations.

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18. Proof Of Residency

Myers had to provide proof of residency in the state of California. In a nutshell, that meant that he needs his birth certificate and two official documents declaring him a California resident.

At the time, Mick had no papers. However, Deputy was far from being discouraged. So, they took the next logical step.

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17. Tracking Mick’s Birth Certificate

Deputy Sheriff Swalwell realized that he would need help with the residence situation. So, he asked his pastor to help him. He knew that the pastor could help with a proof of residence.

On the other hand, he knew that he had to track Mick’s birth certificate. When he succeeds in his quest, he discovered something shocking about Mick.

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16. Mick’s Identification

Swalwell discovered that Mick’s birth name was – Gordon Michael Oakley. With his birth certificate in hand, Mick could take the final step for his new ID.

And he finally got his ID. Soon after, a local news station learned about this story and rushed to the police station to talk with the Deputy. Everything became crazier from that moment.

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15. Pay It Forward

A local news network talked with Swalwell, and he said that his act of kindness is something that anyone would do. He added that law enforcement officers could also do this and similar actions.

Someone watched the entire story on Mick and Swalwell and decided to step in. This person will change Mick’s life in ways that he could never imagine.

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14. Private Investigator

Mark Askins worked as a private investigator when he saw the story about Mick on TV. At the time, Askins worked as an investigator for Miracle Messages, and he could help Mick find his relatives.

Miracle Messages is a non-profit organization that works on uniting homeless persons with living relatives. At the time, Mick had living relatives, but he had no idea about it. So, Askins reached out to him.

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13. Searching Mick’s Relatives

After hearing Micks’ story, Askins reached out to express his interest in taking on his case. Although Mick believed this was an unusual quest, he gave Askins his permission to dig into his past.

Askins immediately started working. He started searching on Gordon Michael Oakley. After some time, he finally came across two names that caught his attention.

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12. Finding Mick’s Biological Parents

While doing his research, Askins noticed, on one of the ledgers, names “Wiley Albert Oakley” and “Maria Pauline Oakley.” He started searching anything on these two on a box full of microfilm.

From there, he will learn everything about Mick’s life. Moreover, Mick will also learn about his past.

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11. Marie Pauline Oakley

Askins discovered that Mick’s birth mother was Marie Pauline Oakley, and had a pretty rough life. She married when she was only 16, to a sailor Wiley Oakley. The newlyweds moved in Tennessee, where everything went wrong.

The couple lived in a real cabin, with cracks in the wall. It was so bad that animals could easily come inside. Living in those conditions made it impossible to raise a newborn. Marie couldn’t work, so how could she care for a child without her husband’s support?

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10. Marie Was Alone

Marie’s husband had a good salary, but he always gave all of his money to his mother. Marie and her bay had to manage. As she would recall later: “There was a bed for me to sleep in, but there was no crib for the baby. I had to put two chairs together and put a food locker on it.”

Her mother-in-law would give her enough money for the formula for the baby, and that was it. Marie was so hungry that she had to steal vegetables from neighbor’s garden. Then, Marie decided to change her life.

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9. Turning Her Faith For Better

Marie realized that she deserves better and that she wants more. So, she packed her things, grabbed her baby, and went to her mom in California.

There, she had to make one of the most difficult decisions in her life.

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8. Gordon Michael Oakley

When Marie called for her mom to pick her up at the train station, she was pregnant with another child. Her mother barely recognized her because she looked so thing and disoriented.

Therefore, her mother petitioned the courts for an annulment to the marriage. That same year, Marie gave birth to a baby boy, Gordon Michael Oakley. That boy was destined for numerous challenges.

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7. No Other Option

When Gordon was only two years old, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening hole in his stomach. Marie knew that she couldn’t afford the surgery, so her mother gave her a solution.

Marie’s mother told her that the best way would be to give the boy for adoption to a family from the local church.

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6. Lost Boy And Found Man

Marie agreed with her mother, although it was tough for her to give her boy away.

As soon as Askins learned this about Mick’s family and destiny, he knew what his next step was. He had to check if Marie is still alive.

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5. Marie Wants To Meet Her Son

To his surprise, Marie was still alive. Moreover, he was able to track her down her current address, and he reached out.

It was confirmed! That was the same Marie that gave Gordon, today Mick, for an adoption. Her new name was Polly, and she told Askins that she wants to meet her lost baby boy.

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4. Mom And Son Meeting

Polly and Mick first talked on the phone. They were nervous, but yet they spoke for a long time. Two weeks after that phone call, Mich boarded a plane.

Mick, Mark Askins, and the Deputy Sheriff Swalwell reached Humboldt County, and they were welcomed by a young woman named Shannon.

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3. Meeting His Mother

Polly and Mick first talked on the phone. They were nervous, but yet they spoke for a long time. Two weeks after that phone call, Mich boarded a plane.

Mick, Mark Askins, and the Deputy Sheriff Swalwell reached Humboldt County, and they were welcomed by a young named Shannon, his niece. It seems that Mich had a big family.

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2. Reunited At Last

Polly and Mick immediately hug. The longest hug ever. They were so happy to find each other finally.

Mick brought with him his high school yearbook and his guitar. He got a new guitar from Deputy Sheriff Swalwell.

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1. Loving Family

With Mick, the family was finally complete. Polly invited Mich to come live with her and her husband.

Now, Mich finally has an ID that will help him find a job and collect social security. Mich finally got a much-needed family.

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