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They Raised Over $400,000 For A Homeless Veteran. Now, Judge Has Other Plans For Them

GoFundMe is a great platform when you need help from the community in reaching your goals. Although it may be used with different purposes from educational to medical, some people use it to help others. That is exactly what Kate and Mark did for the homeless veteran. Faith in humanity was back thanks to their actions.

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. gave his last $20 to an unknown woman, stranded on the side of Jersey road. Then this good deed and heart whelming story are getting horrible outcomes after an unexpected twist. This story went a long way from an act of kindness to scandals and cover-ups.

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30. How Everything Started

Back to 2017… One cold night in November, Kate McClure was driving home after the fun night with her friends. The truth is that she was low on gas, but she was sure that she will be able to get home. But, her gas light switched on.

Kate had no choice, but to pull over to the side. She wasn’t too comfortable with doing so. After all, she was on the side of the dark highway or a notorious part of town.

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29. In The Middle Of Nowhere

She started walking, and look for a nearby gas station. She thought that things couldn’t go worse. Then she saw a man heading her direction.

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She started panicking as soon as she realized that a person was a homeless man. She couldn’t understand what he was saying and she knew that she has no cash with her in case he wants some change.

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28. First Encounter

Kate knew that she had no option but to remain calm and see what this person wants to form her. And what this man wanted left her speechless.

Still scared, Kate started walking back to her car. However, the homeless man was next to her in no time. Then he started talking and asked her what is she doing here. She explained that she just run out of gas. He told her to go back to her car and stay there. He walked out.

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27. An Unexpected Help

Ten minutes later, the homeless man returned to Kate. He was holding something in his hand, that looked like a can of gas.

As it turned out, this stranger spent his last $20 on a can of gas, to help Kate. Kate thanked him in disbelief, but she told him that she has no money with her to pay him back. It seemed that he was about helping her, and had no compensation on his mind. So, the two said goodbye and went separate ways.

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26. Kate Had No Intention Of Forgetting Him

Kate spent the rest of the night thinking about the man who probably saved her life. So, decided to share this event with her person as soon as she comes home.

Once she reached home, she told her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, about a homeless man and how he helped her. Together, they decided that they want to pay him back. That second they had no idea and an innocent encounter would soon make headlines across the globe.

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25. The Second Encounter

Kate and Mark found a homeless man and repay him for the previous night. Actually, the couple reached out a few more times and each time they would give him some money and gift cards.

It seemed that a friendship was born. The homeless man was Bobbitt Jr. and nin no time he became a normal part of their life. But, his story was really incredible.

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24. Who Was Bobbitt Jr?

Bobbitt Jr. was born in a small town in North Carolina. After 9/11 he decided to join the Marine Corps and fight against terrorism.

Bobbitt served on the home front, as a paramedic and an ammunition technician. After 14 months his military career ended and everything went down the hill from there.

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23. Adapting To Civilian Life

After his military phase, Bobbitt had a hard time adjusting to non-military obligations and life. He simply couldn’t hold down a job. So, he started going from state to state, looking for employment.

Unfortunately, he had no success in finding or keeping the job, and he slipped into depression. One step lead to another, and in no time, Bobbitt was using illegal substances.

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22. One Job Promise Blast His Hopes

Regardless of his growing addiction problem, it seems that he will land a secure job in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, that promise pushed him far from society.

The job and its benefits diminished due to Bobbitss’ addiction issues. therefore, Bobbit had to live on the streets. Everything got worse.

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21. Life On The Streets

Far away from his home and living on the streets wasn’t easy for this former soldier. It even got worse when he lost all of his forms of identification.

Bobbitt has been living on the streets for a year and a half when he met Kate. So, when he saw Kate again and her boyfriend he felt appreciated and happy. Once Kate and Mark accepted Bobbitt as a part of the family they decided to take their story to another level.

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20. Sharing The Story

Kate and Mark made a decision – helping Bobbit get back on his feet. So, they launched a GoFundMe campaign for him.

They believed that this will work and enable Bobbitt to get a better life. So, they shared the story and set a goal of raising $10,000 for him.

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19. Rags No More

At best, that money would cover the rent for a nice place and some pocket money until he finds a job. Also, he had to deal with his identification forms.

Kate and Mike worked on sharing the story all over the Internet. Their work paid off. The story was a success and money kept coming. But, no one was ready for what followed.

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18. Money Just Kept Coming

Just in the first week, Bobbitt was closer to his goal for $5,000. In no time, they reached the goal. In the next weeks, the campaign had hundreds of thousands of dollars. From that point on, Mike’s, Kate’s, and Bobbitt’s lives would change forever.

With so much money in one campaign, the media had to react. Soon, pictured of Miek, Kate, and Bobbitt were all over the Internet.

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17. Now They Were News Sensations

Everyone was working on this story, from CNN, The Telegraph, and TIME. The story went from local news to the world’s biggest media networks.

People loved how this former marine helped someone by the little he had. In a short time, BobbitT went through a massive change. He seemed like a completely different person.

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16. Bobbit’s Transition Into Society

Once the money came flowing, Bobbit started getting his life in line. He bought himself a camper trailer. As a true friend, Kate let him cement the camper onto her family’s property in Florence, New Jersey.

Bobbitt also got back his forms of identification, bought a used truck and trying to get a job at a warehouse.

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15. A New Chapter In Life

He also showed an ambitious side of him and wanted to study to become a licensed paramedic in the New Jersey area. But there was still something that made people scratch their heads.

At one moment, Bobbitt’s campaign reached $400,000. With that money, Bobbitt could live like a king, for a long time. Whenever he asked for his money, he was rejected. Something was sketchy.

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14. The Money Flow

Mark and Kate had full control over Bobbitt’s campaign money. Originally, they wanted to be sure that Bobbitt was on a straight path before they give him almost half a million dollars.

Although they claimed that all money went to Bobbitt’s welfare, their financial situation would reveal something less wholesome.

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13. From Friends To Enemies

Kate and Mark showed one side of them on social media, but anything behind that public image was different. The world saw Kate, Mark, and Bobbitt celebrating Christmas together. However, they couldn’t see the tension between them.

Bobbitt had become disappointed with his life in the camper. So, he decided to move to Montant, find a job there, and live with his brother. He needed the cash to do so. But, there was a problem with that.

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12. No Cash For Bobbitt

Kate and Mark constantly refused to give him campaign money. So, he decided to take the case to the court. Bobbitt claimed that they spend his money on their vacations.

Kate and Mark had a new car as well. Bobbitt claimed that they bought their new vehicle from his money. Could it be?

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11. The Big Conflict

Mike and Kate were shocked by the Bobbitts’ actions. Moreover, they decided to show on the popular morning talk show Medy Kelly Today and share their side of the story.

The couple claimed that they have ever spend a cent of Bobbitt’s money, expect $500 that Mike used for a casino. He added, even that he asked for permission and paid at back.

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10. Bobbitt Was Destructive

Mike also said that Bobbitt was still using illegal substances and that he knew that once the Bobbitt put his hands on the campaign money he will spend it on drugs.

Shockingly to everyone, Mike also stated that he would rather burn all the money then give it to Bobbitt in such a destructive state. As it turns out, that wasn’t the end.

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9. Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

A friendship between the couple and former homeless man turned into a law battle. People were shocked by back and forth information. Bobbitt even said to NBC News that he only has seen $75,000 of that money.

But, Mark and Kate’s lawyer, Ernest Bradway, told the press that Bobbitt already spent $200,000. What happened next, pushed Bobbitt to his old life.

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8. Back On The Street

As soon as the legal battle began, Kate told Bobbitt that he can’t longer keep his camper on her property. Bobbitt had no choice but to return to the streets. People tough that Kate and Mike will celebrate moving Bobbitt from their life and keeping the money. But, they had no idea what law had prepared for them.

On an early September morning in 2018, the police knocked on Maike and Kate’s home. Police found jewelry, new BMW, and collected their personal and business financial statements. The world felt that they got what they deserved. But, did they? There was someone else waiting for justice to be served.

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7. Truth Exposed

Surprisingly, Scott Coffina, the Burlington County Prosecutor revealed the real truth. It turned out the story wasn’t at all what it seemed. People couldn’t believe this theory.

It tuned out that the touching story was actually a well planned set up by this trio, to scam the people. But how did they manage to stretch the truth for so long?

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6. The Master Plan

The three actually met in a Fishtown casino called SugarHouse. At the time Mark had major gambling issues and he visited casino often with Kate. One day they met Bobbitt and they form a strange trio of friendship. In no time they had a plan on how to earn money together.

The plan was simple: Mark had to take the photo of Kate nad Bobbit at the gas station, and they needed to launch the GoFundMe campaign for Bobbitt. But they didn’t know that one friend would question their story from day one.

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5. She Could Do The Obvious

Kate had a friend who lived very close to the highway where she met Bobbitt. So, her friend found it awkward that she didn’t text or called her to help. Naturally, she asked her about it, and Kate told her the truth.

She told her friend that it all was a scam, and designed to make people feel sorry about Bobbitt. In addition, she told her to stay quiet about it. Even Kate’s mom became suspicious with time and told her that she might end up in jail if the story wasn’t true. Did her mom predict her daughter’s future?

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4. Grand Spending

The couple traveled like there is no tomorrow. At the time it seemed that the cashflow would never end.

Between November 2017 and September 2018, the couple almost spend all the money. Moreover, at one moment they had only $10,000 on their account. They knew that the end is near.

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3. They Split The Money

The couple gave Bobbitt around $30,000 and start spending the rest. Bobbitt starts being paranoid that people will see the truth and want to move. Since they didn’t give him the money he took serious measures and took the couple to the court. But this is also how Bobbitt put himself in legal danger.

The trio soon realized that they could spend decades in jail. Therefore, Kate decided to switch sides and testify against her boyfriend for a lesser charge. Mike was found guilty and could spend up to 20 years in jail. And Bobbitt and Kate?

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2. The Final Justice

Kate will serve up to four years in jail whole Bobbitt got off five years of special probation. He will also have to take part in a mandatory long-term live-in substance rehabilitation program.

Many believe that justice was served, while others believe that getaway with short penalties.

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1. The Real Master Mind

According to the court, Mike is the one to blame for plan creation. On the other hand, the couple and their friend might get away if there wasn’t was an issue.

If their weren’t that greedy a spent the majority of their money on vacation and physical items, maybe their plan would remain a secret still. Guess, we will never know now.

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