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17 Essential Tricks Everyone Should Know Before Staying In A Hotel

Staying in a hotel usually makes us feel more relaxed and pampered. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your room, what you’re going to eat for breakfast or who is going to make your bed in the morning. All you gotta do is stretch, take a good shower and enjoy your stay. However, this usually occurs in deluxe hotels that offer all kinds of amenities and activities to their customers.

So sometimes when you travel, booking a room doesn’t really turn out to be as luxurious as it should be. You should be able to enjoy all the perks the hotel offers for the price you paid. There are things you can easily change or request while staying in a hotel that can make your stay as comfortable as possible. We’re telling you the best hotel tips and tricks that will make your stay much more pleasant and stress-free.

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1. Hangers In The Hot Shower

Sometimes we travel because of a special occasion we have to attend, such as a wedding, a conference, or simply a meeting. You also might just want to go out for dinner and dress up for it. So, in order to look your best self, you wouldn’t really go in wrinkled clothes, right?

Instead of packing your iron and making your luggage two times heavier to iron your clothes, use the hangers from your hotel room’s closet while you shower. The steam will work just like your iron and will remove the wrinkles, just make sure you don’t wet the clothes!

2. Wet Towel For Lowering The Temperature

While booking your stay you haven’t noticed that your room doesn’t actually have an air conditioner. That might not be the greatest idea if you’re traveling during the summer, don’t you agree? However, you don’t have to suffer if the air conditioning is non-existent or simply not sufficient.

Instead, take a towel from the bathroom and slightly soak it with cold water. Then place it near an open window (or near the air conditioner if there’s one). This way, chilly droplets will slowly evaporate and make your room cooler.

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3. Shower Caps

Most hotels fill your bathroom with plenty of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shower caps or even slippers. You surely used all of them, right? While the use of most of these items is more than clear, there is a hack that you probably haven’t heard of.

When packing, you can use shower caps in order to cover your shoes and make sure they won’t destroy your clothes with dirt from the soles while in the luggage. Not a bad way to use those free bathroom items, right?

4. Cook Every Now And Then

Instead of ordering room service every day, you can make some of your own food inside your hotel and save a bunch of money. You just need to plan a little bit, so you can get all the stuff you need, but like this, you’ll be able to spend some more money on souvenirs or those beautiful shoes you saw the moment you arrived.

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People that are on strict nutritional regimes probably know how much they are able to save when planning and preparing their own meals, so you might as well use your stay in a hotel to detox and eat more healthily!

5. Custom-Made Sleeping Area

Traveling with kids always has to be very expensive, right? Wrong! You can save a ton of money if you don’t pay for an extra room or for a pull-out bed. But what to do instead?

You can use those pillows that all hotel closets are usually packed up with to create individual sleeping areas in your own, spacey bed. This way, there will be slightly less space in your king-size bed, but since you saved so much money, you can treat yourself with a day in the spa!

6. Rolled Towel To Block Sounds

Sometimes the hotel you stay at can be quite different than what the description said on their website. Unfortunately, this happens quite often and this is why we should all read the reviews more thoroughly until we can see the whole picture. However, you’re finding yourself in the following situation.

You are in your bed, trying to fall asleep, but all the noises and lights coming from the hall are just making it impossible. You might twist and turn as much as you want, but those sounds won’t disappear on their own. Instead of spending a night with no sleep, place a rolled towel at the bottom of your hotel room door and block all those distractions.

7. Designated Playing Area

You planned out your entire trips and thought of all those various daytime activities that your kids can do, but then, one day, it started raining cats and dogs and you’re now stuck in your hotel room with the kids and have no idea how to make them busy.

Flickr: Ivy Dawned

Here’s a thing you can do. Check if your rug has a painter’s tape below it. If there’s some you can still use, mark out fun routes for your children and give them their favorite toy cars. They will surely get busy with exploring the “new routes” of your hotel room!

8. Light Leaking Drapes

If you’re a light sleeper, you surely agree that even the smallest things can keep you awake during the night. While you might have already blocked the sounds and lights coming beneath your door, there might be other distractions coming from the windows, right?

Source: Rebrn

Usually, curtains in your hotel room should perfectly block out the light, but sometimes that’s just not the case. Instead of making your trip a nightmare, use one of the clipping hangers in order to clip the curtains together. This way you’ll be able to sleep in the dark and will protect yourself from unwanted glares.

9. Feeding Table

You have your kids with you and you have to feed all of them in your hotel room. Unless you’re in a deluxe suite on top of the hotel, chances are you won’t have a table where to sit your kids while they eat.


Instead of chasing your kids around and cleaning all the mess around the room, take out the ironing board that is usually inside the closet. Open it up, place it near your bed and put some towels/ extra linen over it and voila! You’ve just made your kids a great, feeding table!

10. Multiple-Use Coffee Pot

It might never occur to you, but you can use the coffee pot from your hotel room for other things too! For instance, it might be a great and fast way to make oatmeal in the morning when you’re running late.

You can also make instant ramen noodles in a matter of minutes! This one is definitely a lifesaver. If you’re traveling for work and have meetings early in the morning, then you definitely want to bring some instant meals with you!

11. Charge Your Phone On TV

Forgot your travel adapter at home Or you might have lost your charger somewhere? Don’t spend your money buying new chargers in order to finally charge your phone. Here’s a hack that might be quite helpful!

If you have the USB cable, but don’t have the adapter, you can charge your phone on your hotel room’s TV! It might sound silly, but actually, most TVs have a spare USB port in the rear that will do the trick!

12. Baby-Changing Station On The Go

Your hotel room doesn’t have a place where you can change your baby. Oh-oh! You don’t think doing that on your bed is quite the best idea, right? All parents know that hanging diapers can get real messy, so, what to do?

Have a desk inside your room? You can quickly transform it into a perfect baby-changing station. Just use those extra towels and sheets to make a comfortable surface for your baby and that’s it!

13. Dirty Diapers Disposal

When traveling with little babies, finding a baby-changing station is not the only issue. If you’re a mother or a father, you surely know that dirty diapers can pile up quite quickly.

Therefore, you should store them inside of the plastic bag provided for hotel laundry. However, if you want to avoid that your room gets smelly, make sure you dump the bag before you leave!

14. Avoid Picking Up Bad Smells From The Suitcase

Suitcases can collect all kinds of bad smells while traveling and no one wants to see its clothes smelling like mold, cigarettes or even fast foods. Therefore, when you pack make sure you put a couple of loose fabric softener sheets that will make all those smelly vibes disappear.

You probably have these already lying around your house, so if you find them, make sure you bring a few with you. You could also bring some extra ones with the packaging that you will be able to use on your way home.

15. Put Soap In Dirty Laundry Bag

While the previous trick might protect your clothes from all those smells coming from the suitcase, you also might want to make your dirty laundry bag smelling neutral instead of smelling dirty socks as soon as you open your luggage.

Here’s what to do. Take your leftover hotel soap and stick it in your dirty laundry bag. This way, your clean clothes will remain clean and smelling nice even if the dirty laundry bag is just next to it.

16. Toothbrush Hygiene Measures

The level of hygiene maintenance in your hotel room doesn’t really inspire you? Then, don’t risk and do all you can in order to prevent getting sick and collecting some bad germs. Use your slippers when in the bathroom and don’t forget to protect your toothbrush.

Here’s how. Find clothing clips inside your luggage (or your closet) and use them to keep your toothbrush elevated. This way it will be away from potential germs, and you will be safer from catching some unwanted diseases while traveling.

17. Doing The Laundry

Doing laundry is definitely one of the things we all try to avoid while traveling. However, sometimes you just have to wash something. It might be your favorite shirt that you planned to wear on meetings or anything else that got mistakenly dirty during vacation.

You don’t have to pay big numbers for your hotel’s laundry service, instead put a plastic bag over the drain, and weigh it down with coins. After that, fill up the sink with water and you’re ready to wash those clothes!

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